Billy the Mountain

Those unfamiliar with the legend of Billy the Mountain (and Ethel the Tree, growing off of his shoulder) need to check out Zappa/Mothers’ “Just Another Band from LA” (or a slightly alternate version on “Playground Psychotics.”) Billy’s exploits continue in “The Adventures of Greggery Peccary” (Studio Tan, Läther) and Baby Snakes (the movie itself, not the soundtrack.) According to a reliable source (Howard “Eddie” Kaylan,) Billy and Ethel once traveled to New York and appeared on the Tonight Show.

Although Billy & Ethel used to reside in Southern California in the early 70’s, their mobility is well attested, so it’s no surprise that there is a medium-sized mountain with a large radio tower atop it at the edge of Tempe.

Billy has a large A along the side of him now; theories for this range for his support of Arizona State University, his Hawthorne-style punishment for a tryst with the Grand Canyon a few years back, or, according to FireSkunk, his being Animal Friendly.

The last has some support to it, for at the base of Billy is a sign that reads, “WATCH FOR COBCAT.”1   [click for pic]  This mysterious beast, the vicious, man-eating cobcat, has never actually been seen by any of the local residents, but there are some suspicious red splatters up one of the trails next to some painted graffiti, which are no doubt the handiwork of this rare beast.

Anyone with an undocumented Billy the Mountain story or a confirmed sighting of the vicious, man-eating cobcat can email it in at .

An fairly-detailed fan-based exegesis of Billy can be found here.

1 There is also another sign that reads, “clean up after your pot.”