hey, i stumbled across your site, and man, it is great! i totally feel your pain and also have a gumby story i would like to add, and why i will never eat there again. this last feb, i ordered a 20" pizza with a great coupon for 9.99. what a steal! to make a long story short, i had someone else go pick up the pizza with my money and coupon. they came back and gave me my change, which was the change i would expect if they had charged me full price. i asked, and they had given the coupon and everything, and that is what they charged. well, pissed at a 5 dollar difference or so, i went back to the store. not wanting to bring in the whole pizza, i tore off the sticker on the side and went in. i explained my story to the guy at the counter, who replied: how do i know you didn't just tear this off a box you found in the parking lot??? i offered to get the whole big-ass pizza and bring it in, but he declined, and went to the back to see if i was lying or not. he came back and gave me a quarter, A FUCKING QUARTER!!!!, and said that's all i got, and i had better leave. to shorten it some more, some not too kind words were exchanged, for something like 10 minutes in front of all the customers, and i left in a huff, but not before informing the now 10 people in line or so that they had better count their change before they leave, cause they're not getting it back otherwise. well, i sent off a letter to their headquarters, explaining the story the long way, and i have never gotten a response back, so screw them, ive told EVERYONE this story, and they have prolly lost a good chunk of business from that, so im doing my part from getting them out of normal, IL at the ISU campus, and hopefully we can drive them into submission!


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