how Scoring works....


Scoring the quizzes is an imperfect, subjective science that will hopefully be abolished in the near future for a more communal system.


For now, though, Evil Matt (the arbitrary know-it-all) bases his scores on a system roughly thus:


0 = no answer

1 = a completely wrong answer with no elaboration

2 = the correct answer (with no elaboration)

3 = a wrong answer with a funny/relevant elaboration

4+ = right answer with funny/relevant elaboration






“how many 4 cent stamps are in a dozen stamps?”

Answers (by score):

1.)  3

2.) 12

3.) there is no such thing as a 4 cent stamp, so this is obviously a trick question.  thought you were slick, huh?

4.)  12, unless it’s the commemorative baker’s dozen.


Including things such as graphics, hyperlinks, etc. get extra points.  As does anything that makes Evil Matt laugh long and hard.  Or proves him wrong.

Zappa-bashing always caries a penalty.


many people have a problem with the concept that a funny INCORRECT answer gets more points than a basic CORRECT one.  Quit yer whining and deal with it, pasty boy.  Still, in the interest of think for yourself, it is hoped that quizzes in the future will be scored by the readers.


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