A war is being waged for your Brain

Undeniably, there are hoards of religions, philosophies, and politics in the world all competing for your allegiance.

Friend, you are being fished for.

For some, the hook’s already in mouth, and they can only hope that what’s on the other end of that line reeling them along is benign.

If you let someone else think for you, you are a soulless golem at the whim of your controller.


Don’t be that guy.


You are the most important person in your own life, so you must think uniquely.   If you don’t, you are doomed to mediocrity at best and at worst extinction.   Between those two alternatives is slavery.

Dogma Guardians don’t want you questioning their precious, set explanations.   Docile sheep are much easier to manage.

You may even buy their lines and think you’re on the right, but that’s because you only know what THEY tell you is right.  Admit it: that applies to almost everyone.   Ever think it might be you, too?


It’s good to get a reality check every now and then, to make sure you know where you stand.  After all, if you’re “right,” then you have nothing to fear from such a test.  And if you find you're “wrong,” at least now you know, so you can move on.

We can help with this.


We don’t want you to think like we do, we want you to think for yourself.  To that end, we offer alternative perspectives and lateral thinking reality checks on things that weand hopefully you tooconsider to be important. 


If we make you laugh, we’ve got your attention.
If we make you think, we’ve got your kinship.
You may already be one of us...


Perks include:

  • Indulgences
  • Groupies
  • Program your very own Manchurian Candidate
  • Branch Floridian Bible Study (we supply the Bibles, but bring your own scissors)
  • Free room & board at The Athenaeum in BadAss, Arizona
  • Flax!

Don’t bitch to us after the Brain Police bust down your door at 2am with a no-knock warrant; be prepared!


Trust no one
Deny everything
And always keep your lighter handy


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