a test, for you to earn your next clue :


1)  Zappa: cool?

“cool” undercuts the concept
I feel like weasels ripped my flesh
maybe if my ears are filled with creamcheese
what the phuq are you babbling about?

2)  Does Korn suck big green greasy donkey balls?

wouldn’t know; I don’t do those vegetables
Captain Beefheart wanna-be’s... don’t get me started
I was unaware the singer was a big greasy donkey
I dunno, I kinda like ’em.

3)  It’s 3am and the Brain Police bust down your door with a no-clock warrant.  Your first move:

before the door hits the floor you’re half way down the block
call your attorney
light your lighter
deny everything

4)  Pick your favorite Beatle: