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David Koresh: March 2 Speech


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March 2nd, 1993.                         |
My name is Dave Koresh.  I'm Speaking to | I. Introduction to the Revelation
you from Mount Carmel center.  The first |    of Jesus Christ.
thing that I would like to introduce, in |
our subject, is the reasons for the reve-|
lation of Jesus Christ.                  |
                                         |  A. The Reasons for
In  the Book of  Revelation,  commentary |   1. To Show What Must Come.
states,  that what John  has  written in |
Scripture,  is  nothing  other  than the |
revelation  of  Jesus Christ  which  God |
gave  to him,  to show  to his  servants |
things  which must shortly come to pass. |
And he sent and signified it,  signified |
it, by his angel unto his servant John.  |
Now,  John bear  the Record of God,  and |   2. To Bless the Reader.
the Word of Christ,  and  of  all things |
that  he saw.  In the  first  chapter of |
Revelation it says, "Blessed is the man, |       Rev. 1:3
.. blessed is he that readeth, and they  |
that  hear the  words of  this prophecy, |
and those who "keep" the things that are |
written  therein,  for  the  time  is at |
hand."                                   |
The Scripture states John writes this to |   3. To Address the Churches.
the  seven churches  which are  in Asia: |       Rev. 1:11
Ephesus, Smyrna, Thyatira, Sardis, Phil- |
adelphia, Laodicea, so forth. Naturally, |       also Pergamos
we  must  understand  that  we're not in |
Asia.  These churches once existed  long |
ago,  being  beneficiaries of  the power |
and the gifts of the gospel. It was ori- |
ginally introduced by,  The Man himself. |
Some knew him  as  Jesus Christ;  others |
knew him by the name -- Yeshua.          |
What  we're trying  to present today may |   4. To Impart the Burden of
in somewise shed  a better light  in re- |      Heart, Mind, and Spirit.
gards to my situation and my predicament |
here at Mount Carmel. One point I'd like |    a. Record of Christ's life.
to bring out before we continue, is that |
if we take a look at Matthew, Mark, Luke |       The Gospel Writers.
and John,  we see  the  "burden of these |
ancient  writers:"  the burden of heart, |
the burden of mind and spirit, to put in |
a scriptural record,  their personal ex- |
perience with Christ.  A record  that is |    b. For anyone to read.
to be received by men, all men, who will |
receive it.                              |
The point is true that not all have seen |   5. Witnesses of the Rejection
Christ, but it has been in the wisdom of |      of the Son of God.
God that certain men  who were witnesses |
of his life, and death, and resurrection,|
that they would bear witness by the writ-|    a. Witnesses for Christ
ten word, and testify to the generations |       ie Apostles & Disciples
to come,  of the terrible happening that |
took place, when the men of that genera- |       cf. Prophets, as witnesses
tion  would not  believe  in the man who |       for God
through so many obvious evidences proved |
beyond shadows of doubt, that he was the |
Son of God.                              |
                                         |  B. The Revealer: Jesus Christ.
                                         |   1. Jesus Rejected.
But sad to say, if we take a look of the |    a. Left Juda under threat of
Record of John,  the `Gospel Writer'  of |       death.
John, say Chapter 7. We see in Scripture |
John writes  that after certain  events, |       John 7:1
after  these  things  "Jesus  walked  in |
Galilee:"  he would not walk openly, "he |       Koresh is quoting the Bible,
would not walk  in Jewry,"  he would not |       from the Book of John.
walk amongst the Jews, "because the Jews |
sought to kill him."   We  might  wonder |
why?  Wasn't Christ a such a good man??  |
"Now the Jews' Feast of Tabernacles  was |    b. His own brethren doubt him.
at hand. His brethren therefore said un- |       John 7:2
to him, Depart hence, and go into Judea, |       John 7:3
that  thy disciples  also  may  see  thy |
works  that thou doeth.  For there is no |       John 7:4
man that doeth any thing in secret,  and |
he himself  seeketh  to be known openly. |
If thou do these things, show thyself to |
the world.  For neither did his brethren |       John 7:5
believe in him." Strange statement isn't |
it?  It's funny how that, when men live, |
and have to deal with realities of life, |
that even a man like Christ, can have to |
meet  with unbelief,  even  from his own |
brethren.                                |
"Then Jesus said  unto them,  My time is |    c. Hated by the world.
not yet come:  but  your time  is  alway |       John 7:6
ready." And I'm sure most of all,  bible |
students  will agree,  the time referred |
to, is the time of his crucifixion. They |
wanted to kill  him,  and he didn't want |
to show  himself openly.                 |
Then Jesus said unto them... <excuse  me |    d. You are of the world.
uhnn>, (Verse 7) "The world can not hate |       <Koresh seems in pain.>
you; but me it hateth, because I testify |       John 7:7
of it,  that the works thereof are evil. |       John 7:8
Go ye up  unto this feast:  I go not  up |
yet unto this feast;  for my time is not |
yet full come." When he said these words |       John 7:9
to them while he abode still in Galilee. |
"But when  his brethren  were  gone  up, |    e. Went to feast in secret.
then went he also up unto the feast, not |       John 7:10
openly,  but as it were in secret."  You |
would wonder why a man like Christ would |
have something  to hide?  I mean surely, |
the angels would protect him, obviously. |
A person  would  think  a  lot of things |
about this strange character, and dispo- |
sition of character.                     |
But  we're sure --  being Christians  -- |    f. Caused contention.
that Christ knew what he was doing.  And |       Koresh is Christian?!
"the Jews [sought] him at the feast, and |       John 7:11
said,  Where is he?  And  there was much |       John 7:12
murmuring  among  the people  concerning |
him: [for] some said,  He is a good man: |       Rev. 7:1
others said, Nay; but he deceiveth * the |       * <child cries>
people.  Howbeit  no man spake openly of |       John 7:13
him for fear of the Jews."               |
Now we understand *the Jews at that time |    g. Backdrop: Corrupt leaders.
had  their own  religious-political net- |
work,  didn't  they?  They  were  pretty |
strong  in the religious spectrum, * al- |       * <child's voice>
though  they  had  no  actual  political |
power.  They were subject  to  the Roman |
government,  and not  to their own judi- |
cial/levitical laws.                     |
                                         |   2. Taught with Authority.
"Now about the midst of the feast  Jesus |    a. The people marvel.
went up  into  the temple,  and  taught. |       John 7:14
And  the  Jews  marvelled,  saying,  How |       John 7:15
knoweth this man letters,  having  never |
learned?" * Now in the days of Israel, * |       * <child whines>
most scholars * and teachers will agree, |       * <child crying>
* that  the schools of Israel,  ordained |       * <tape off & on>
by the Sanhedrin and also the Pharisees, |
were schools  similar  to the uhh,  ones |
of our own theological schools of today. |
Of which  the careful student  of Scrip- |    b. Insights to Scripture.
ture observes,  that nowhere is it writ- |
ten in the gospel  that Christ  ever at- |
tended these schools.  But at the age of |
12,  he did enter  into the temple,  and |       Luke 2:41-47
had  a most unique  and interesting dis- |
cussion with  the religious leaders,  of |
which they were  quite amazed at, such a |
young lad's knowledge of Scripture.      |
Now this man  was teaching  something -- |    c. For it was God's teachings.
(no doubt Christ that is)  that inspired |
the  people  to  say,  (you know),  "How |       John 7:15 cont.
knoweth  this  man  (you  know)  letters |
having  never learned?"  They  marveled. |
"Jesus answered them and [said], My doc- |       John 7:16
trine  is not  mine,  but his that  sent |
me."  Now, what does that mean? "My doc- |
trine is not mine, but his that sent me. |
If any man,  will" (do the will) "do his |
will,  he shall know  [of] the doctrine, |
whether it be of God, or whether I speak |
of myself."                              |
                  - - -                  : * Koresh Tells His Motives *
Now friends,  people that love the Lord, |       There's a short break
this  is where  we begin  to uhhh,  talk |       from the message about
about some serious things.               |       Christ here.
I'm sure you're all aware of how...  how |
I'm  involved  in a  very serious  thing |
right now,  and  I'm sure that  a lot of |
you  realize  that I should  be possibly |
scared, concerned. There's women, child- |
ren, and men involved,  in our situation |
here  at Mount Carmel.  But  I am really |
concerned about the lives of my brethren | <- Concern for family.
here,  and also, would be concerned even |
greater, about the lives of all those in | <- Concern for rest of world.
this world.                              |
                  - - -                  :
                                         |   3. Jesus is Our Hope.
You know, without Christ, without Jesus, |    a. God's law of righteousness.
we have no hope.  Why?  Well, because we |
know  that  the standard  of God's righ- |       Deu. 4,5,6
teousness is Law,  a law of the Ten Com- |
mandments,  a law of statutes  and judg- |
ments.  And which  God gave  unto  Moses |
on Sinai,  saying this is thy righteous- |
ness, O Israel.                          |
But you know, God also gave another law. |    b. Sacrifice as a shadow of
A law revolving around a system of shed- |       grace.
ding  a poor and innocent lamb's  blood. |
So that  all who would break  the Law of |
God,  who would seek God for forgiveness |
and pardon,  had to bring a lamb,  some- |
thing innocent, and slay it -- although, |
Israel themselves  never really knew the |
real meaning of this.  Nonetheless, they |
were commanded to do it. Also there were |       Lev. 12:6
other sacrifices, such as: turtle-doves, |       Num. 19:2
goats, oxen, red heifers.                |       Heb. 9:12-14
But,  it was  a  very sophisticated  and |    c. Social impacts. (An aside)
very prolific type system of worship. Of |
course,  God  had to  give  these people |
their own country.  He had  to give them |
blessings and things, to be able to per- |
form these,  rituals.  And  naturally of |
course,  having to slay a lamb  for your |
sins or such sacrifices, it would defini-|
tely keep a man on guard, not to sin too |
much,  because  otherwise  he could lose |
the livestock pretty quick, couldn't he? |
Well anyway, (thanks be unto God),  from |    d. The Law and The Prophets
as far back as  Deuteronomy 32,  all the |       highlight God's mercy.
way through to Malachi,  there  has been |
other writings,  writings of  the Proph- |       God's writings are His
ets.  Writings who do not  usurp the au- |       Word
thority of Moses, but actually exalt The |
Law of Moses.  But yet  there's an addi- |       God's rock hard law
tional testimony.  For the same  God  of |
Heaven -- Who's rich in mercy -- has not |       God's loving mercy
only given to men a Law,  but also a way |
of escape, for those Repentant Souls who |
might fall short  of the glory  of God's |
law.  Which  some scholars  will  agree, |
that the glory of God's law is that it's |
a divine precept of  His  own character. |
God's character is revealed in The Law.  |
Now, Christ is the only hope for a world |    e. Is Christ the Word of God?
that sins.  Now, how do we know? Well -- |
The  Prophets  --  have prophesied?  But |
what  if  we're  not familiar  with  the |
prophets?  Well, were the Jews  familiar |
with the prophets when  this Word-of-God |
was made flesh?  When Mary,  The Virgin, |
had  a baby boy,  did everyone  believe, |
that she was really a virgin when Christ |
was conceived?                           |
If we search the Scriptures,  we'll find |    f. The Prophet's told.
in certain arguments  the Pharisees con- |
fronted Christ  --  and said to him, "We |       John 8:41
be  not  sons  born of fornication."  So |
obviously, not everyone believed that he |
was a  child of a virgin birth!  If they |       Prophets were ignored
hadn't  looked back to Isaiah chapter 8, |
and  learned  the  mystery  of  Immanuel |       Isa. 7:14
-- that a virgin would conceive and bear |
a son --  then they might not really put |
too much ahhm...  [con]sistency into the |       <tape off & on>
fact that Christ  at that day claimed to |
be born of a virgin.  I mean,  if Isaiah |
the  prophet was  a false prophet,  well |
then naturally they  would conclude that |
anyone  claiming  to have  these  things |
fulfilled would be false, too.           |
But of course, Christ,  he did something |    g. Miracles confirm.
more, than to just fulfill prophecy.  He |
did miracles. Miracles of mercy such as: |
healing  the sick,  feeding  the hungry, |
raising the dead.  And if we study we'll |
see that "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John" |
gives us in somewhat, a full view of the |
oppositions, and also, the confidements, |
that he had in doing these miracles.  He |
gathered many unto him through the means |
of these miracles.                       |
But sad to say,  even though he had done |    h. Those healed believed.
so many  miracles,  Scripture says,  yet |
when it came right down to it,  they did |
not  believe in  him.  It's  amazing  to |
think that  even his own disciples  for- |
sook  him -- except Mary Magdalene.  She |
stayed with him to the very end,  didn't |
she?  Last to leave The Cross,  first to |
come to the sepulchre. * Now, we need to |       * <tape off & on>
sit here,  and we need  to ask ourselves |
the question,  `how come the men of that |
generation did not believe in Christ?'   |
In Matthew 23,  Christ had to say to the |    i. Christ confirmed by Prophets
Jews "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem"  how often |       Mat. 23:37
I would have gathered you, but you would |
not.  Why?  He tells them that they have |       Not re-gathered, since
forsaken The Prophets.  "Thou that kill- |       they've forsaken the
est the prophets,"  how  often  I  would |       Prophets.  Has Christ
have gathered you.  How does the subject |       then told plainly how?
of `gathering Israel' and `the prophets' |
combine together?  Then  he  tells  them |
that their houses, their temple, is left |       Mat. 23:38
to them desolate.                        |
                                         |   4. Christ's Teachings on
                                         |      Last Things.
And that in Matthew  24,  as Christ said |    a. What signs of his coming?
on  the Mount of Olives,  his  disciples |       Mat. 24:1-2
came to him secretively to ask him, con- |       Mat. 24:3
cerning these things. What should be the |
sign of thy coming and of the end of the |
world? Well, Christ begins to tell them, |       Mat. 24:4
let no man deceive you,  "For many shall |       Mat. 24:5
come  in my name,  saying,  I am Christ; |
and shall deceive many."                 |
A lot of bible students think that verse |    b. Some willingly deceived?
refers to the people coming,  and saying |
that  they themselves are Christ.  Well, |
naturally,  if someone came  claiming to |
be Christ...  Christ covers that subject |
by saying that if any shall say, Lo he's |
"in the desert;" believe him not "go not |       Mat. 24:26
forth." If he is in the secret chambers; |
"believe it not."                        |
But he goes on to say, that as lightning |    c. Certain signs.
shines  in  the east,  even to the west, |       Mat. 24:27
so also shall his coming be. And he goes |
on to add,  but "wheresoever the carcase |       Mat. 24:28
is,  there will  the eagles  be gathered |
together."                               |       The carcass of Babylon?
Now, unless we knew what was on the mind |    d. Eagle's Nest??
of Christ,  the day he sat with his dis- |
ciples on the Mount of Olives,  and gave |
the  instruction  to  them according  to |
Matthew 24;  unless  we could  look into |
his mind,  we would only have  to specu- |
late, it would only be an opinion to try |
to figure out what it means, "wheresoev- |       Mat. 24:28
er the carcase is, the  eagles..."  What |
carcass?  Whose  carcass?  What  eagles? |
What are the eagles?                     |
Well,  Christ tells you of many signs in |    e. Abomination of Desolation.
Matthew 24.  He says, "when ye shall see |       Mat. 24:15
the abomination of desolation, spoken of |
by Daniel the prophet, stand in the Holy |
Place, (of course, it says ye that read- |
eth, let him understand),  those who are |
in Judea are  supposed  to  flee  to the |       Mat. 24:16
mountains.                               |
                                         |   5. Christ points to the Prophets
Now, what kind of points are these? What |    a. Where to Get Insight.
is in  the mind  of  Christ?  Is  Christ |       1 Cor. 2:16
trying  to tell us,  that we need  to go |
back  and study  the prophet Daniel,  to |
see if maybe Daniel had some insight, in |
regards  to  an abomination  that maketh |       Dan. 9:27 & 12:11
desolate?  Now,  an abomination is some- |       A reference to any vileness
thing  nobody wants;  especially,  if it |       set up in place of God; the
makes  us desolate.  Now, what  do these |       result, wasted barrenness.
things mean?                             |
Well,  we learned earlier in the Book of |    b. Not his, but God's Teachings
John, Christ stated, "My doctrine is not |       John 7:16
mine,  but he who sent me."  Now,  we've |
got "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John" (and |       The Apostles
everybody  in  the Christian  world his- |       John 17:25
tory), to hear these men  reveal Christ. |       Mat. 27:55-56
The Christ they lived with.  The  Christ |       Mark 15:37-40
they loved.  The Christ that they didn't |       Luke 24:10
understand  sometimes.  The Christ  that |       Mark 16:1,9
they  had  to  see  cruelly mocked,  and |       John 20:11-18
beaten,  and  ridiculed,  and  rejected, |
and killed.                              |
But, thanks be unto God on the Cross[!], |    c. Christ's Expression of Love.
their Jesus,  stated,  "Father,  forgive |       Luke 23:34
them;  for they know not  what they do." |
And he also said,  (which  is  the point |
that we're fixin' to get into quite hea- |
vily),  "Father,  into thy hand I commit |       Luke 23:46  Psa. 31:5
my spirit."                              |       Koresh says "commit" for
                                         |       "commend," same meaning.
Taking from Psalms 31,  we begin  to see |    d. The words of God, Scripture.
that  Christ is quite well versed in the |
Scriptures,  just like  the Gospels tell |       Mat. 4:1-11
us, when he confronted the devil. Always |       Luke 4:2-22
referring against the temptation by sta- |       Mark 1:12,13
ting,  "It is written, It is written, It |
is written."                             |
                                         |   6. Is the Spirit Imparted
                                         |      Through the Written Word?
Now what is this Spirit of Christ? Well, |    a. Sharing Blood and Flesh.
they pierced his side,  and out his side |       1 John 5:6-8  John 19:34
came blood and water. Again another mys- |       Mat. 26:26-29
tery.  Which became something to do with |       Heb. 9:18-23
eating his body, and drinking his blood, |       1 Cor. 10:16-17
some implements for The Church.          |       1 Cor. 11:23-27
But, what does these things really mean? |    b. Bathed in Righteousness.
Well,  after we've read Acts and learned |
of the Power on Pentecost -- the "cloven |       Acts 2:3
tongues of fire" --  that came  upon the |
Apostles,  who by mercy  through Christ, |
were  given  another  chance  to recover |
from  their  folly;  we learned  through |
Romans  that there is a righteousness of |       Rom. 3:21-28
God in Christ,  "declare  his righteous- |       Rom. 3:25
ness."                                   |       Jer. 23:6
We learn in Corinthians 1st and 2nd.  We |    c. Child of God.
learn in Ephesians, Galatians, and Phil- |
lipians...  Ohh!  We have such a wealth: |
of information, of such intelligent men, |
who speak sometimes, very deep  mystical |       Acts 17:27-31
things about a God -- who is in the form |
of humanity -- who is the Son of God who |       A God within human hearts
sits  at  the right hand  of God  in the |       and minds??
highest courts of the universe. Who pro- |
mises that one day, He will come again.  |
                                         |   7. Christ & Disciples Persecuted
Well,  the last living Apostle,  through |    a. Pointing to Paul?
this great  controversy...  (and I might |       1 Cor. 9:1,2  & 15:9
add -- those who  persecuted Christ, who |       Acts 9:4 & 22:6-8
would not hear him  no matter what  sign |       1 Cor. 9:20-22
was given) ...also persecuted his disci- |       Acts 9:1,13
ples.                                    |       Mat. 12:38 & 16:1
                                         |       Mark 8:11
And finally,  we end  up in the  Book of |    b. John's controversy -- The
Revelation, where John, (the last living |       Testimony of Jesus Christ.
disciple on the isle of Patmos), being a |
prisoner for the Word of God and for the |
testimony  of Jesus Christ  --  which no |       Rev. 1:9
doubt is a thing Jesus has to say. Which |       Jer. 23:16
would probably be quite controversial to |
the things that the Pharisees and Sanhe- |
drin of the day had to say, we're sure.  |
He, (being on this isle of Patmos a pri- |    c. John's Vision.
soner, on the Lord's day), had a vision. |       Rev. 1:10
And it states in this vision, (we should |
all be familiar with it hopefully  -- or |
get familiar with it),  he has a messen- |       Rev. 1:11
ger,  The Angel Lord  come  to him,  who |
identifies himself as the Spirit. And he |
is told, to write  to the seven churches |       Rev. 1:19
of Asia.  Of which,  we  can see clearly |       Rev. 2 & 3
in the Scriptures, that they  were given |
specific  and  direct  *  messages  from |       * <cell phone rings>
Christ. *  And in each one of these mes- |       * <tape off & on>
sages,  Christ specifically told  to the |
churches what he would have them to do.  |
Now, we know that Christ is the only man |    d. Christ also rejected.
in  Scripture  who ever kept  The Law of |       Heb. 4:15
God  perfectly.  We  know  that, because |
we've heard the writings of the apostles.|
But,  sad to say,  the religious leaders |
of  his days,  and  the majority  of the |
populace  of his days,  didn't think so. |
It's funny  how  that is.  It's  kind of |       Mat. 23:27-34
like  people  always like  to build  the |
sepulchers  of the  dead  prophets,  and |
garnish their tombs,  but yet  they hate |
and kill living prophets. Only God knows |
why that is. But nonetheless...          |
To the church (of Ephesus, Smyrna, [Per- |    e. Counsel to the Churches.
gamos,]  Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, |
Laodicea  -- the churches thus involved, |
for anyone to read) direct counsel's gi- |
ven.  Beginning  with,  "UNTO  the angel |       Rev. 2:1
of the church  of Ephesus  write;  These |
things," (then... blah - blah), and what |       Likely missed in editing.
happens is this message is given.        |
And then the decision is up to those who |    f. Those who overcome.
profess Christ.  Each counsel ends with, |       Rev. 2:7,11,17,29
"he that hath an ear..." --  to hear  -- |       Rev. 3:6,13,22
(only if you want to know) "let him hear |
what the Spirit saith unto the churches."|
                                         : II. Book of Seven Seals.
                                         |  A. John's account.
Finally, we get to the fourth chapter of |   1. Throne Room.
Revelation. And the student of Scripture |
becomes interested in the subject, which |
according to John says, "After..." these |
things, (of course,  he was referring to |          Rev. 3:20
the last part of the 3rd chapter, of the |       "I stand at the door
message to Laodicea).                    |        and knock..."
He says  after  these things, <I fol...> |   2. John Enters Heaven.
"And, behold, a door was open in heaven: |       Rev. 4:1
and  the first voice  which" spake to me |
"as it were of a trumpet,"  talked  with |       Col. 4:3
me;  which says,  "come up hither, and I |
will shew" you that "which must be here- |
after."                                  |
Now,  the question to every true  Chris- |   3. Do You Believe?
tian is this:  Is John  telling it  as a |
truth,  or is John lying to us?  We know |
he just gave counsels  to the 7 churches |
of Asia, (which were alive and hopefully |
in good health, when he first gave these |
letters to them).  But nonetheless, they |
being of Asia, are no wise the same peo- |
ple of us today, or even of the oncoming |
years thereafter.                        |
So, the events of Chapter 4, clearly ex- |   4. A Vision of the hereafter.
plained by John,  that his messenger  as |
sent to him stated that he'd be taken up |       Rev. 4:1
* hither -- therefore a Door opened into |       * <tape off & on>
Heaven (the Bible records), and he would |
be shown things which must be hereafter, |
* sometimes after John's day.            |       * <child murmurs>
                                         |  B. Judgment Room.
Now what does he behold? In chapter 4 of |   1. John in the Spirit.
Revelation,  he says that  he was in the |
spirit, "immediately I was in the spirit:|       Rev. 4:2
and, behold, a throne was set in heaven."|
And h e states that the throne was occu- |
pied, "one sat on the throne."           |
And, He that sat upon the Throne,  which |   2. Is God the throne?
[was] "lined"  with jasper  and  sardine |       Heb. 1:8
stone.  A careful student  of Scripture, |       The Rock -- symbol of Law
knows, all the way through prophecy, all |
the way  through the Bible,  as far back |
as the days of Genesis, even to the pro- |       Deu. 32:4,15,18
phecy of Deuteronomy 32,  where it says, |       2 Sam. 22:32  Psa. 31:2,3
God is a rock -- `He is a Rock.' And his |       Isa. 8:14, 17:10, 44:8
work is done in truth  and righteousness |       1 Cor. 10:4
--  all the prophets refer  to God  as a |       1 Pet. 2:6
Rock.                                    |
Now here we see in Revelation John like- |   3. In & Around the Throne.
wise witnesses God has the appearance of |       Rev. 4:3
a  jasper and sardine  stone.  He claims |       Eze. 1:26
that there was a rainbow round about the |
throne in sight like an emerald. He care-|
fully  saw that  there were living crea- |       Rev. 4:6-9
tures around the throne saying that  God |
is  "holy, holy, holy ... which was, and |       Rev. 4:8
is, and is to come."  A God, who created |
all things,  for His pleasure  they were |       Rev. 4:11
and are created."                        |
Now,  this instruction emphasizes,  that |   4. 24 Elders.
there is  a God, a kingdom, a judiciary, |
(in the respect that John witnesses that |       Rev. 4:4
there  are  24  elders,  sitting  on  24 |
thrones, seems to imply a judgment). But |       the Prophets & Apostles
uniquely enough in this judgment,  or in |
this throne, (or in `this heavenly sanc- |       Heb. 8:1-5
tuary,'  as we see from the writings  of |
Paul, the Apostle), Paul talks about the |       Heb. 12:22 (12:18-29)
heavenly sanctuary, the heavenly Sion.   |       Deu. 4:48
In this sanctuary  we see a God, a rain- |   5. Mystery of Christ.
bow, a throne;  living creatures stating |       Eph. 3:4,9
that God is holy; which was, and is, and |       Rev. 4:7-8
is-to-come --  God of the past, present, |       Eze. 1:10
and future.  And that  this God,  who is |       Rev. 4:11
the Creator of all things,  is holy  and |       Col. 1:9-20
deserves to be worshipped.               |       Col. 1:25-27
                                         |  C. Sealed Book
We continue on in chapter 5, to see that |   1. Scroll.
I beheld, John says,  "in the right hand |       Rev. 5:1
of him that sat on the throne a book" or |
a scroll  --  "sealed with seven seals." |
(Notice,  it's written on the inside and |
the backside.) Well the meaning of these |
things can only be speculated,  until we |
have solid proof, in other words, unless |
we were there  ourselves  to see it,  in |
detail.                                  |
But,  what we are allowed to see  in the |   2. Congregation.
Scripture, (as John also beholds) [is] a |
mighty angel.  In this throne room  were |       Rev. 5:2
all these angels,  "[ten] thousand times |       Rev. 5:11
ten  thousand,  and  thousands  of thou- |       Psa. 68:17-18
sands," are called together.             |       Dan. 7:10
And,  this  mighty angel  questions  all |   3. Mighty Angel Prosecutes.
those in heaven,  "Who is worthy to open |       Rev. 5:2
this book,  and to loose the seven seals |
thereof?"  Clearly Scripture states, "no |       Rev. 5:3
man in heaven,  [nor in] earth,  neither |
under the earth" (of course `buried'  in |
other  words,  we do  have dead  in this |
world,  you know),  was  worthy  to open |
"neither to look thereon."               |
So hey!  God says in Scripture, at least |    a. God's living Book,
John testifies,  in Scripture,  that the |       written in our hearts?
Mystery of God -- His Book -- is sealed. |
Well, what happens is, as we continue on |   4. One Worthy to Judge.
we see in Chapter 5, that John begins to |    a. John's sorrow.
weep until one of the elders says, "Weep |       Rev. 5:4
not" John "behold, the Lion of the Tribe |    b. The Lion.
of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevail-|       Rev. 5:5
ed to open the book,  and  to loose [the |
seven] seals thereof." (Of which we know |
the Lamb,  being a symbol of Christ,  is |    c. The Lamb.
brought to view.)                        |
And,  John beheld a lamb,  that had been |    d. Is the Lamb, King?
slain "in the midst of the throne and of |       Rev. 5:6
the four beasts,"  and the elders,  with |       1 John 5:7
seven eyes and seven horns. Well, what's |       Father, Spirit, Word???
the meaning of these things?             |
If God,  does have a revelation of Jesus |   5. God's Book is the Evidence.
Christ, which he gives to him to show to |
his servants,  then here we begin to see |    a. Another pointer to Jesus.
the meaning of these things. We see that |
God has a Book, which must be hereafter, |
(sometime after  John's day;  can-not be |
before John's day). The event is clearly |
identified as [one] which must be in the |
hereafter.  And in this event, there's a |
Judgment that takes place.               |
The Question  --  `Who is worthy?'  (The |   6. Innocent Victim.
answer, `No man.') The Answer to this -- |
`Only  the Lamb.' So, [in] Scripture the |       Jesus Christ is a man.
Lamb comes to the  One on the Throne and |       Rev. 5:7
takes the  Book out  of his  Right Hand, |       Rom. 8:34
and all  of heaven bows before  Him, and |       Rev. 5:8,14
gives Him glory and honor. And then John |       Who is the Lamb?
beheld the Lamb, in Chapter 6, beginning |
to OPEN THE SEALS.                       |
                                         |  D. Overview of the Seals.
Now, I've heard a lot of statements  the |   1. Let the Record Show.
past  couple of days,  from  people that |
are  versed  in Scripture,  from  people |
that are students  of the Bible,  saying |
this and  saying that  about the meaning |    a. Message or Seal??
of these seals. But remember, we already |
see  that in  heaven,  Christ,  when  he |
reveals the seals --  He is the only one |
that can  do so.  And remember, it's al- |
ready  been  said  it's  a revelation of |    b. Father, Holy Spirit, and Son
Him,  so there's  a mystery  between God |
the Father,  His Book,  and Christ,  and |    c. No doubt Koresh is Christian
what He is to reveal.                    |
What  Scripture does tell us though,  is |   2. First Seal.
that John  beheld The Lamb  open the 1st |    a. Thunder? Perhaps a clue.
seal in chapter 6,  there was a noise of |       Rev. 6:1
thunder,  and  one of  the 4  beast said |
come and see.  John witnessed... <excuse |
me>.  John witnessed that when he opened |
the 1st seal,  there was "behold a white |    b. The rider on the white horse
horse:" and he that sat up on him  had a |       Rev. 6:2
crown,  a bow was  given to him, "and he |       Is this rider good or evil?
went forth conquering, and to conquer."  |
Well, how does  this reveal Christ?  Oh, |    c. Speculations.
well, a lot of people will tell you this |
was  the  early  christian  church.  The |       a hint
white horse is a symbol of purity.  Some |       2 Cor. 4:2,3,12-18
even  say this  is the anti-christ,  but |
now wait  a  minute.  A lot of  opinions |       opinions
have been given on this subject.         |
                                         |   3. Second Seal.
So also on the 2nd seal.  The man on the |    a. The rider on the red horse
red horse has a great sword, going forth |       Rev. 6:4
(you know) killing one another... I mean |
come on!  Is this a revelation of  Jesus |       What is the message from God
Christ?                                  |       being revealed by Christ?
                                         : <odd break in flow of presentation>
                                         |   4. An Executive Overview:
o [The first seal]                       |    a. Rev. 6:2  (ie The 1st Seal)
  One who has  "a bow",  "conquering and |       The march of governments??
  to conquer" -- sounds like war.        |       But we are more than
                                         |       conqerors. Rom. 8:37 (31-39)
o And the 2nd seal.                      |    b. Rev. 6:4  (cf. 1:16)
  "A  great sword",  "that  they  should |       Truth wielded as a weapon,
  kill one another" -- sounds terrible.  |       but not in love -- cuts both
                                         |       ways. Eph. 4:15
o The 3rd seal.                          |    c. Rev. 6:5-6  (cf. 9:4)
  [The] "man on a black horse," has bal- |       Not worth selling your
  ances. You know. What's this wheat and |       birthright or your soul for.
  barley stuff?  "Hurt not  the oil  and |       Mat. 16:26  Mar. 8:36,37
  the wine."                             |       Luk. 21:34  Heb. 12:15,16
                                         |                   Deu. 29:17-20
o The 4th seal.                          |    d. Rev. 6:7,8 (cf. 1:17,18)
  "A pale horse,"  [and the] name of the |       Fear not, the Son of man
  one  who sits on there  is Death,  and |       holds the keys to hell
  Hell follows him. How can these things |       and death.
  reveal Christ?                         |       1 John 4:18
o The 5th seal.                          |    e. Rev. 6:9-11  (cf. 7:14)
  Souls under [the] altar  crying to God |       Rom. 8:35,36
  to avenge  their blood  which was shed |       So, so many impatient
  upon the earth.  I mean, what is this? |       children under foot.
                                         |       How many times...
                                         |       Rev. 1:9    2:2,3,19
                                         |            3:10   13:10
                                         |            14:12  22:11
                                         |       Mat. 18:23-35
                                         |       Luke 8:15   21:19
                                         |       Rom. 5:3,4  8:25   15:4,5
                                         |       2 Cor. 6:4  12:12
                                         |       Col. 1:11
                                         |       1 The. 1:3
                                         |       2 The. 1:4
                                         |       1 Tim. 6:11
                                         |       2 Tim. 3:10
                                         |       Heb. 6:12   10:36  12:1
                                         |       Jam. 1:3,4  5:7,10,11
                                         |       2 Pet. 1:6
                                         |       Tit. 2:2
o The 6th seal.                          |    f. Rev. 6:12-17
  Suns and stars being darkened. The hea-|       Joel 2:31  Psa. 102:26
  vens depart  as a scroll.  The sons of |       Rev. 6:14
  men crying to the rocks  and mountains |       Isa. 34:4  Heb. 1:10-12
  to hide them  from the face of the One |       Rev. 6:16  (cf. 1:16)
  who sets upon the Throne. I mean,  The |
  One who sets upon the Throne -- that's |       Perhaps they hide in an
  The Father, that's The Rock, isn't it? |       effort to shield themselves
  What can these things mean?            |       from the glory of the Lord.
                                         |       Gen. 3:8
                                         |       Exo. 3:2-4  19:18
                                         |            24:17  33:20-23
                                         |            34:34,35
                                         |       Deu. 4:11,12,24  9:3
                                         |       Psa. 37:6  97:3-6
                                         |       Isa. 30:26
                                         |       Dan. 7:9
                                         |       Nah. 1:5,6
                                         |       Hab. 3:3-5
                                         |       Zec. 14:12
                                         |       Acts 26:13
                                         |       Heb. 12:18,25-29
                                         |       2 The. 1:7-10
                                         |       1 Pet. 4:12
                                         |       2 Pet. 3:7-12
                                         |       1 Joh. 1:5
                                         |       Rev. 14:10-12,18  16:7,8
o The 7th seal is opened.                |    g. Rev. 8:3
  And all of a sudden  `the angel at the |       Rev. 6:9   8:3-5  9:2,13
  altar.' Then we begin to see the open- |       Rev. 11:1  14:18  16:7,8
  ing of the trumpets.                   |
Remember now, the 7th seal, contains all |   5. Key Bestowed by God.
the information  from  that point  -- to |
the rest of the Bible. The trumpets con- |
tain a very interesting and unique story,|
but  remember,  we've got  to understand |
`how to find the key' to interpret these |
things  --  not with our  opinions,  but |
with the Mind of God.  And no one can do |       1 Cor. 2:16
that,  unless we have the Spirit of God. |       John 6:63  16:13
And  no one  can  have that,  unless God |       Psa. 119:50
gives it to us.                          |       1 The. 3:13
                                         |       2 Cor. 3:3
                                         |       Eph. 4:30
Now let me review.                       |  E. A Short Review.
Notice  how  during  the  6th seal,  the |   1. In Seal 6 -- Who Can Stand?
question is asked  in the time  of God's |       (note this)
apparent wrath,  who  shall be  able  to |
stand? "For the [great] day of his wrath |       Rev. 6:17
is come; and who shall be able to stand?"|       Psa. 76:7
Notice, how  that in,  the next chapter, |   2. Sealing the 144,000.
chapter 7,  NOT  an  additional  seal is |       the tribulation harvest
opened, but an answer. John sees that he |
beheld "four angels standing on the four |       Rev. 7:1  9:4
corners of the earth,  holding  the four |
winds of the earth, that the wind should |       Rev. 9:4  8:7
not blow on the earth,  nor on the [sea, |       James 1:11  Deu. 29:23
nor on any tree.]"                       |       <tape garbled>
And he saw an  "angel ascending from the |   3. Seal of the Living God
east,  having  the  seal  of  The Living |       Rev. 7:2  9:4  14:1
God:"  What could that seal be?  Who  is |       2 Cor. 1:21,22  3:3
The Living God?  Is  the Living God  the |       Eph. 1:13  4:30
One on the Throne?  Does  the Living God |       2 Tim. 2:19
have  something  that  we need  to know? |       Exo. 13:9,16
Does  the Living God  have some  kind of |       Deu. 6:8  11:18
seal?  What could the SEAL be?  We  know |
there's seven seals,  but that's sealed. |       Son, Spirit, Word ???
No one can know that, but Christ.  Well, |       Doesn't the sun rise in
who is that angel from the east?         |       the east?
Yes,  in Matthew 24,  a lot of ministers |   4. Risen Son.
confront me and say,  there will be many |
false prophets in  the latter days.  For |       Mat. 24:3,11
remember,  Christ   told  his  disciples |
then,  that when they see the  "abomina- |       Mat. 24:15
tion of desolation," as spoken of by the |       Dan. 9:27, 12:11
Prophet  Daniel,  they would  understand |
something.  And he also said,  that when |       Mat. 24:23,26
they shall say `[he's] in the desert...' |
[then] go not forth, `he's in the secret |
chamber, believe it not.'  For as light- |       Mat. 24:27
ning in the east, shall  shine  unto the |       Rev. 10:1
west; so also [shall the ] Son of man be.|       Zec. 9:14
                                         |  F. The 7th Seal.
[When the]  7th seal  opens  --  there's |   1. Trumpets.
silence. And 7 angels and 7 trumpets pre-|       Rev. 8:1  (7 & 8  cf. 14)
pare themselves to sound. And it appears |       Rev. 8:2,6
that some terrible plagues  takes place. |       Rev. 8:7-13  9:1-12
What could these things mean? Well, just |
as there was  an interruption under  the |
6th  seal,  so is there  an interruption |       Rev. 9:13
under the  6th  trumpet.  Under the  6th |
trumpet we learn about  a mighty army of |       Rev. 9:16
200 million. What are they doing?        |
Well,  we see,  that during the break of |   2. 7th Angel(?)
this in chapter 10, a Mighty Angel comes |       Rev. 10:1
down from heaven, "clothed with a cloud, |       Rev. 1:7  14:14  Mat. 26:64
.. his face ... as it were  the sun ... |
his feet are pillars of fire" and he has |       Rev. 10:2
"in his hand  a little book opened."  He |       Rev. 5:7
puts his right foot  on the [sea],  left |       Koresh reversed earth & sea
foot on the [earth] and cries and a lion |       Rev. 10:3
roars.  And  when  he had cried,  "seven |       Dan. 12:4,10
thunders uttered their voices." Now what |
are these  7  thunders?  What  do  these |
things mean?  How do we  categorize this |
book?  What  are  we really looking  at? |
Well...                                  |       <side 1 of source tape ends>
Remember,  it is the Revelation of Jesus |   3. "I Do Solemnly Swear."
Christ,  which God gave to Him,  and re- |    a. Another pointer to Jesus.
member  the  most fearful  warning, ever |
given to man in Scripture is the warning |       Rev. 22:15
found  in  Revelation 22,  where  Christ |       Rev. 22:18
says,  "For I testify  to every man that |
hears the word of this prophecy:  If any |       "Let none of you imagine
man  should  add  to  the words  of this |       evil in your hearts against
prophecy,  God shall ADD  unto  him  the |       his neighbor"
plagues  that  are written  in this pro- |       Rev. 22:19
phecy.  And, if  any man shall take away |       1 Peter 2:1-25
from  the words  of  this prophecy,  God |       Zec. 8:16,17
shall  take away  his name  OUT  of  the |       Pro. 3:29,30
Lamb's Book of Life, and from the things |
in prophecy."                            |
Now that's fearful.  That means the book |   4. Orderings.
is not to be messed with or pranked with |
by anybody who would dare,  think,  that |
they,  can by  speculation,  or  private |
opinions,  unlock  the  mysteries of the |       Rev. 22:10...
seals  and  what they contain.  Remember |
the  events of  the 7th seal,  contained |       "Seal not the sayings of
from the 7th chapter on  -- the trumpets |        the prophecy of this book"
and the information thereof, just as the |
6th seal contains information thereof.   |
Well then, what must be hereafter, after |   5. Hereafter.
John's  day?  A revelation  of who?  Who |
gave it to him?  Who only can reveal it, |
(Revelation  22)?  Who's going  to come? |       Rev. 22:12,17,20
What's  he going  to bring,  his reward? |       Rev. 22:12
What is his reward? Is it true in Isaiah |       Isa. 62:11  40:10
40 & 41 that, He's going to  come with a |
strong hand?  Who is the "Behold my ser- |       Isa. 42:1  40:10+
vant,  whom  I uphold?"  What  do  these |
things mean?                             |
                                         |  G. The First Seal.
Well,  we  know in  the  1st seal,  that |   1. Rider on the White Horse.
Christ opens it and we hear the noise of |       Rev. 6:1-2
thunder. One of the 4 beasts says, "Come |
and see."  And behold a white horse. "He |
that sat upon him  had  a bow;  [and]  a |       Zec. 9:13
crown was given  unto him:  and  he went |
forth conquering, and to conquer."       |
Well,  in order to understand this seal, |   2. Christ's Secret.
we  have  to  find  out  a secret  about |
Christ. * In the counsel  to  the church |       * <tape off & on>
of Philadelphia, we see Christ addresses |
that church in chapter 3  of Revelation, |
with this message:  "And to the angel of |       Rev. 3:7
the church of Philadelphia write;  These |
things saith he that is holy ... he that |
hath the key of David,  he that openeth, |
and no man shutteth;  and shutteth,  and |
no man openeth."                         |
Well,  what does he mean to this church, |   3. Key to the Door.
"I ... set before thee an open door, and |       Rev. 3:8
no man can shut it: for thou hast a lit- |
tle strength?"  What  could  this  mean? |
What  is  the  Key-of-David?  Isaiah  22 |       Isa. 22:20
talks about the Key-of-David, but it re- |
fers to  "Eliakim."  But still,  what is |
the Key-of-David?                        |
Well, of ancient times, Christ being the |   4. God's Chosen King.
root and offspring of David. David was a |       2 Sam. 7
great  king  in  Israel.  And  David was |       (God's covenant with David)
anointed of God,  being  a shepherd lad. |
But through the power of God he was able |       1 Sam. 17
to  overthrow,  the greatest obstacle in |
his day, Goliath, the Philistine.  sing |
5 smooth  stones,  he chose one,  and it |       Zec. 9:15,16
sunk deep into the forehead of the giant.|
Well, what happens is this.  We see that |   5. Psalms Record.
this  David  wrote 150  Psalms  that are |       Luke 24:44...
published  in  most  Bibles  of  today's |       establishes correlation
modern world.  Now  I say  that  because |        - Law of Moses
some scholars will agree, that there are |        - The Prophets
other psalms,  too.  But as  far  as the |        - Psalms
King James,  and the books of that cali- |
ber, we have 150 psalms.                 |
Well, our  subject is  the 1st seal.  We |   6. Prophet's Account.
don't want to have any opinions, though. |       Mat. 7:12
We  just  want  to  simply...  see if we |
can't  find  the mystery  of God  in the |
prophets.                                |
                                         |  H. The 1st Seal in Light of
                                         |      The 45th Psalm.
Well,  let's turn  in our Bible to Psalm |   1. God's writing.
45,  and let's see if we  can't get some |
kind of hint in  regards to what the 1st |
seal is. *  It states here  (this is the |       * <tape off and on>
King  James  Version)  -- "my  heart  is |       Psa. 45:1
inditing a good matter.  I speak  of the |
things  which I have made,  touching the |
king." What could it possibly mean? What |
does it mean,  "my heart  is inditing  a |       "indite" (rhet.) -- to write
good matter?"  Does that mean  "my heart |       down (a poem, speech, etc.)
is  inditing  a good  matter?"  Is some- |
body's heart  inditing  a  good  matter? |       Heb. 8:10  10:16
"I speak of things  I have made touching |
the  king."  Does that mean by interpre- |       Is this about God's Law (His
tation  "I speak  of  the things  I have |       righteousness),  written  in
made touching the king?"  Is our subject |       our own hearts and minds (as
about a king? Is our subject about some- |       a new covenant)?  Writing as
body's heart?  Is our subject about  "my |       in  Speaking The Word  --  a
tongue is the pen  of a ready writer?"   |       new "Living God" being born?
Now, who is talking here? Well, natural- |   2. David Anticipates.
ly  David of Old is talking here -- cor- |
rect? Well, who is the king he's talking |
about? Solomon??  Well, let's see. "Thou |       Psa. 45:2
art  fairer than  the  children of  men: |       (also compare Psa. 72)
grace is poured into thy lips: therefore |
God  has blessed  thee for  ever." Well, |
Solomon was a wise man wasn't he? Ok, it |
says  here,  "Gird  thy  sword  upon thy |       Psa. 45:3
thigh, O most mighty, []  with thy glory |
and  thy majesty."  "And in  thy majesty |       Psa. 45:4
ride prosperously because of truth ..."  |
I wonder what Solomon  rides?  Probably, |   3. Rider.
rides a horse, doesn't he? "...and meek- |
ness  and  righteousness;  and thy right |       Rev. 19:11
hand shall teach thee  terrible things." |
Huh?  I guess with a sword  in you right |
hand,  you could learn a lot of terrible |
things. Whoa (in verse 5), "Thine arrows |       Psa. 45:5
are  sharp  in  the heart  of the King's |
enemies;  whereby  the people fall under |
thee." Hmmm. Solomon doesn't seem really |
like  too  nice  of  a guy.  That is  if |
you're enemy.                            |
But anyway,  "Thy throne,  O God, is for |   4. Thy Throne, Thy God.
.." (Huh? Wait a minute!)  "Thy throne, |       Psa. 45:6
O God is for ever and..."  (Now,  wait a |
minute.) Is David saying that Solomon is |
God?  No, he's probably just saying that |
God is God. Huh.  Well, why would a pro- |
phecy  about  Solomon  have  to  do with |
God's throne? "Thy throne, O God, is for |       Heb. 1:8
ever and ever:  the sceptre of thy king- |
dom  is a  right sceptre.  Though lovest |       Psa. 45:7
righteousness,  and hateth   wickedness: |
therefore God,  thy God..." (Wait a min- |
ute.) "...therefore God, thy God,"  what |
could  this possibly  mean?  Who is what |
God?  "Thy God,  hath anointed thee with |       Psa. 89:20
the oil of gladness  above thy fellows." |       Heb. 1:9
This is very strange, or is it?          |
Well,  let's look at it  again  a little |   5. Key to God's Heart.
closer.  Scripture says that David was a |       "again"
man  after  God's  own  heart. (Although |       1 Sam. 13:14
David transgressed,  and that in no wise |       Acts 13:22
is like  God's Heart.)  But nonetheless, |
David was  a prophet,  and  he  was  in- |
spired.  Could it be that David was used |
by God to write down God's messages that |
would one day be revealed by Christ?  If |       Recall Psa. 45:1:
Christ does have the Key-of-David, would |       "My heart is inditing..."
he not be able to reveal -- the Heart of |       "My tongue is the pen..."
God?                                     |
God in heaven looks to be a Rock,  does- |   6. The Law yields to Love.
n't he?  `Oh hard rock God, right. God's |       Rev. 4:3
long, God's hard...'  but wait a minute. |       Song lyrics perhaps??
Through Christ  we can see  that  God is |
not as hard as you think he is.  Look at |       Rev. 4,5,6
God.  Come up hither,  in  the light  of |       Keeping heart and mind
the judgment,  and see the Father on the |       on high.
throne.  See the book in his right hand, |
and  watch him  give it  to Christ,  and |
watch him open  the 1st seal.  And let's |
see about  this man  on  the white horse |
who has a crown and a bow.               |
Now, God is the one who has written, "My |   7. From the Heart.
heart is inditing a good matter: I speak |       Psa. 45:1
of things which I have made..." Is God a |
maker? Is he Creator?  What does he want |       Isa. 45:6-12,18
to  talk about? [The] things  he's  made |       When God talks things
touching  the  king.  Who is  the  king? |       happen, as in:
Could  it be  Christ?  "My tongue is the |       "Let there be light!"
pen of a ready writer."  Did God write a |       Rev. 19:15
book?  Does God want  to talk about  His |       Isa. 29:11-12,18
Son according to a Book? Well, what does |       Rev. 21:27
God then think about His Son?            |
"Thou art  fairer  than the children  of |   8. Living Word.
men." Well, if that's what  God  thinks? |       Psa. 45:2
Although, Isaiah 53 says, that they will |       Isa. 53:2
see in him no beauty or desire him; God, |
nevertheless  says,  "He is  fairer than |       Gen. 2:7
the children  of men." Why?!  "Grace, is |       John 1:1-5
poured  into  thy  lips."  Huh?  I guess |
whatever Christ says, those who hear it, |
will find grace, won't they.  Therefore, |
"God has blessed thee for ever."         |       All ye who heed the Word.
Well. "Gird thy sword upon thy thigh,  O |   9. Inheritance.
most mighty." Is Christ the most mighty? |       Psa. 45:3  Eph. 1:17-23
"With thy glory and thy majesty," I mean |       Isa. 2:21
it seems like in Revelation all of Heav- |
en bowed before the Lamb,  did they not? |
That's a lot  of glory.  "For thou  were |       Rev. 5:12,13
slain to receive  power, honour,  glory, |       Rev. 7:9-12
riches,  wisdom, kingdom,  might," Oooh! |
That's a lot of inheritance there. Espe- |
cially in  the Gospel when  it says,  "I |       John 3:35
have  received  all  *  things  from  my |       * < cell phone rings>
Father.                                  |       John 13:3  Mark 28:18
"And  in  thy majesty  ride prosperously |  10. White Horse or Red Herring?
because of truth." *  So what could this |       Psa. 45:4
truth be? What truth, in the Bible talks |       * <tape off & on>
about riding a horse  prosperously,  and |
its truth? Could it be Revelation? Could |       Rev. 6:2 ??
it be the 1st seal?  Maybe a truth about |       Rev. 19:11
Christ?  Maybe a truth about him being a |       Rev. 19:12
king, (which is a crown)?  Could it be a |
truth, about him having a horse, riding, |
conquering, and to conqueror? Huh.       |       Christ or anti-christ??
So because of truth,  the truth of God's |  11. God's Spirit Indwelling.
Book, the heart intention of He's indit- |       2 Cor. 3:2-3
ed.  His tongue  is  the pen  of a ready |
writer.  And he  doesn't say  nothing in |       God's actions.
the judgement. You see, He just gives it |
to the  Lamb.  And,  you know  the Lamb: |       Rev. 19:13-16,21
rides prosperously;  writes in truth, in |
meekness  and  righteousness,  "And  thy |       Isa. 35:5,8,16,17
right  hand  shall  teach thee  terrible |
things."  Oooh. Well, what's that in his |       Rev. 5:1
right hand -- a sword or a book?         |       Heb. 4:12-14
Well, what does this book teach? `My ar- |  12. Raised from the Dead.
rows are sharp in the heart of the kings |       Psa. 45:5
enemies.'  Surely,  Solomon...  was he a |
killer?  Did he kill for God? Christ, is |       David's heirs.
he a killer?  Did he kill for God?  Will |       Eph. 1:17-18,19-23  2:3
Christ ever destroy the wicked,  whereby |       Which is his body, the
the  people  fall  under  the  <garble>? |       Church, of those previ-
What kind of gospel is this?             |       ously dead in sin.
"Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever:|  13. Throne.
Is Christ God? "The sceptre of thy king- |       Psa. 45:6
dom is a right sceptre." I mean, does he |       Heb. 1:8
deserve to rule? Why?                    |
Does he love righteousness and hate wick-|  14. Made Glad.
edness? Therefore God... is not Christ's |       Psa. 45:7
God... thy  God?  Is not his God  -- the |       Heb. 1:9
Father?  Is he not  going  to anoint him |
above  (with oil of gladness)  above his |       Isa. 61:3
fellows? What is this oil of gladness?   |       Psa. 89:20
"All thy garments  smell of  myrrh,  and |  15. Garments.
aloes,  and cassia,  out  of  the  ivory |       Psa. 45:8
palaces,"  what about it made thee glad? |
I mean, should Christ ever be made glad? |       Eph. 5:24,30-32
Where's this at? When's this take place? |       Do you hear wedding bells?
"Kings' daughters were among the honour- |  16. Daughters.
able  women."  What's  that?  "Upon  thy |       Psa. 45:9
right hand  did stand the  queen in gold |       def. "Ophir" -- (red dust?)
of  Ophir.  "How  can  this  be  Christ? |             Solomon's gold from
Christ  is God.  What would he  be doing |             this region in Arabia?
with  a  woman?  Well,  maybe  she's the |       Rev. 12
church.   Maybe   she's  the   spiritual |       Rev. 1:20
church. Well, who's the king's daughters |       Eph. 2:13-22
then?  Hmmm. Maybe there's more than one |       "Builded together for an
church.                                  |       habitation of God through
                                         |       the Spirit."
Well, whatever  it may  be,  we know  in |  17. Bride Considers Proposal.
verse  10,  whether  it's   a  spiritual |       Psa. 45:10
church, or a literal woman,  there's one |
thing  required.  "Hearken, O  daughter, |
and consider..." Consider what? Consider |       "Think" about it.
God's  heart  inditing  in good  matter. |
Consider Who the King is. Consider who's |
going to be the Powerful One.  Who's go- |
ing to win, considering about the Throne |
of God. Considering maybe  Revelation -- |       Is God's Book a mystery??
who the Father gives The Book to.        |       Eph. 5:32
"Incline  thine ear;  forget  also thine |  18. Breaking Ties.
own  people,  and  thy father's  house." |       Psa. 45:10 continued
Well, if this was a spiritual church, it |
would  seem  kind of  funny,  for God to |       Eph. 3:1-4,9-11  1 Pet. 3:22
tell the spiritual church, to forget her |
own people,  (which would be her denomi- |
nation  of  the  Father's house),  which |
would be...,  well I thought  her father |       Eph. 5:6-8
would be God, if it were spiritual?      |       Col. 3:6
Now, if it  were a literal girl,  "Hear- |  19. New Name.
ken, O daughter ... consider ... incline |       Psa. 45:10 cont.
thine ear;"  then  we can understand na- |       "listen"
turally.  If a girl is going  to marry a |       Isa. 62:5
man, she has to uproot [from] one family,|       Mat. 19:4-6  Mar. 10:7
and join to another. Not completely, but |       Mat. 19:29
we understand  what we're saying.  So if |       "learn"
she wants to listen and learn; so should |       Psa. 45:11
"the king greatly desire thy beauty: for |       Eph. 5:23
he is thy Lord, and worship thou him."   |
"And the daughter of Tyre shall be there |  20. Radiant Beauty.
with  a gift."  Who's Tyre?  Wonder what |       Psa. 45:12 (Zep. 2:15)
that is? "Even the rich among the people |       def. "Tyre" -- (rock)
shall intreat  thy favour."  Rich people |             city now Sur, Lebanon
want to intreat the favor of this queen? |       Eze. 28 (and 26 & 27)
"The  king's  daughter  is  all glorious |       Psa. 45:13
within."  How did she become  the king's |
daughter?  "Within?" Why is she glorious |
within?  Does she have a truth, or some- |       Isa. 62:1-2
thin'?  Is there some kind  of light she |
has within her?                          |
Her clothes are of  "wrought gold."  She |  21. Prospect of Children.
is to be brought  to the king in raiment |       Psa. 45:14 (cf. Eze. 16:10)
of needlework:  "the virgins her compan- |       Isa. 61:10
ions  that follow her  shall be  brought |       Mat. 25:1-13
unto thee."  With gladness and rejoicing |       Psa. 45:15
shall they be brought. They should enter |
into the king's palace."  Instead of thy |
fathers, it shall be thy children." Now, |       Psa. 45:16
what does that mean?                     |
Well,  let's break this down.  If Christ |  22. Children for God.
is the  Son of God,  if that's the case, |       Heb. 2:1
and if we all are sons of God  --  if we |       2 Cor. 6:16-18
believe in Christ,  then naturally every |       Hos. 1:10
girl would be a daughter of God wouldn't |
she?  Well,  we look up to the Father on |
the Throne,  of which  we want to exalt. |
We know that He is greater than all. And |
He's  Christ's  Father,  and  He's  also |
everyones  Father.  And  Psalms 83 says, |       Psa. 82:6 (should be)
God says,  I say you are gods,  "and all |
of you are children of the most High."   |
Hosea teaches us, that we're to say, "Ye |  23. King and Law.
are not my people." There  it  should be |       Hos. 1:9,10  2:23
said,  "Ye are  the sons  of  the living |
God." So Christ says in the Gospels, "if |       John 10:35
he called them gods,  unto whom the word |
of God came," the Law can not be broken. |
Well,  we're ruining  God's Word -- it's |  24. Word and Spirit.
God's Spirit.  This  is  what  makes  us |       Eph. 6:17  Rev. 1:16  19:15
become born again,  born  by the Spirit, |       1 Pet. 1:22-23
the knowledge of God. Well... so, a girl |
believes in God,  and so does  everybody |
else that believes in God.  So therefore |
God the Father has many children doesn't |
He.  Christ being the firstborn, and ... |       Col. 1:18
all thereafter that believe. But instead |
of "thy fathers," it should be "thy chil-|       Psa. 45:16
dren,  whom thou mayest make  princes in |
all the earth."                          |
To the person that really doesn't under- |  25. Birth of Human Spirit.
stand Scripture,  this  would seem to be |
a very  controversial  subject.  I mean, |
Christ never had any wife, [thus it] has |       Historically, that is.
to be Spiritual. I'll make thy name "re- |       Psa. 45:17  Psa. 72:17
membered  in all generations:  therefore |
shall  the people  praise thee  for ever |
and ever."                               |
                                         |  I. The 1st Seal in the Light
                                         |     of Revelation 19.
Well even if it is Spiritual we know one |   1. Triangulation.
thing.  We know  -- that the servants of |
God know --  that Psalm 45,  is the very |
prophecy which must be hereafter accord- |
ing to  the 1st seal.  But just  to make |
sure we know it's going to be fulfilled, |
let's  turn in  our  Bible to REVELATION |       Yep. It's a sermon.
19.  (Just so that  we can get  a better |
caption  of what  we are  really looking |
at.)                                     |
Now  remember, in  the  18th chapter  of |   2. Babylon "The Great."
Revelation,  we  know  that Babylon  the |       Rev. 18
Great  falls. She made all nations drink |       Eze. 26,27,28
of some kind of wine of the wrath of her |       Isa. 13:19-20
fornication. Now, we find that something |
very bad happens,  and then in  verse 23 |
of Chapter 18  --  no more: light of the |       Rev. 18:23
candles shall shine there, nor the voice |       Isa. 23:8
of the bridegroom, nor the voice  of the |       Eze. 26,27,28
bride.                                   |
Well,  the merchants,  who are the great |   3. "Great Men" of the Earth.
men of the earth,  it says  in verse 23, |       Rev. 18:23 cont.
and for by their sorceries  were all the |       Zep. 1:10-11
nations deceived.  We all know about  -- |
capitalization. We know about advertise- |       Amos 8:4-7
ment selling something, making it better |
than  what it  really is.  For  here  is |       Rev. 18:24
found the blood of prophets, and saints, |       Hos. 12:7
"and  of all  that were slain  upon  the |
earth."  You see,  just  because  people |
don't accept  the truth from  God's Word |
does not mean it's  not Truth?  And some |
truth that we might teach  can get us in |       Such as, truth without love.
trouble.                                 |
But anyway, in 1st verse, Chapter 19, it |   4. The Gallery Cheers.
says,  and "after these things I heard a |       Rev. 19:1
great voice  of  much people  in heaven, |
saying, Alleluia;  Salvation, and glory, |
and honour, and power, unto the Lord our |
God."  Why? "For true  and righteous are |       Rev. 19:2
his  judgments." I wonder what his judg- |
ments were?                              |
Isaiah 51 talked about judgments of God. |   5. Righteous Judgment.
Says something about, "HEARKEN to me, ye |       Isa. 51:1
that seek after righteousness,  ye  that |
seek the LORD: look unto the rock where- |
by  you're  hewn."  Again,  remember  in |       Rev. 4:3
Revelation -- God's a rock.  If God is a |       Deu. 32:31
rock,  he's the only one who can make us |       1 Sam. 2:2
new,  right?  And it says,  "look to the |       2 Sam. 22:2,32
[hole of the]  pit,"  from  which you're |       Psa. 18:2,31 28:1 42:9
dug.                                     |       Psa. 62:2,6  71:3 78:35
                                         |       1 Cor. 10:4
In Isaiah 51, it talks about Abraham and |   6. A Living Law.
promises of God.  Then it says, "Hearken |       Isa. 51:2-3
unto me, my people; and give ear unto me,|       Isa. 51:4
O  my  nation:  for a law  shall proceed |
from me,  and I will make my judgment to |
rest for a light [of] the people."       |       Koresh says "to."
Now,  we know that [what] the Law of God |   7. Forgive Them.
commands is the 10 Commandments,  but we |
know  when God  sent  His Son  into  the |
world,  he was the Law  made flesh.  And |       Gal. 3:17
although  he  kept  the  law  perfectly; |
nonetheless,  he also  forgave  based on |
men's  ignorance.  "Father, forgive them |       Luke 23:34  1 Cor. 2:8
for they know not what they do."  But he |
also committed his Spirit into the hands |       Luke 23:46
of God,  so that none  would  be without |       Psa. 31:5   1 Pet. 2:23
excuse.                                  |
We  all know  on the  right hand  of God |   8. The Whore is Judged.
there's  more  light... more  light,  to |       Not just thunderbolts.
be known. So if God's judgments -- which |       Rev. 16:all (note :5,7)
are  the 7 seals  --  are righteous  and |
true... 'cause he judges the great whore.|       Rev. 16:19 & Rev. 17
(Which no doubt  a whore  is not  a very |
faithful bride, is she? Absolutely not!) |
"Which did  corrupt  the earth  with her |       Rev. 19:2  17:2
fornication,  and hath avenged the blood |
of his servants  at her hand?"  It seems |
like this great whore doesn't really com-|
mit itself to God,  herself to God, does |
she? And, she probably will be responsi- |
ble  for  the blood  of God's  servants, |
because  she  probably  won't know where |       Or care, preferring vain
they're coming from.                     |       imaginings.
"And  again  they  said,  Alleluia.  And |   9. Do You Care?
[her] smoke rose up  for ever and ever." |       Rev. 19:3  (cf. 14:11)
So, we know  Babylon-The-Great  is a big |       Isa. 34:10
whore, right?  I mean,  she's not really |
very  faithful,  when  it comes to God's |
Word,  when  it comes  to knowing  God's |
Truth.  And  I betcha  she's the kind of |
person  that'll claim  to be with a guy, |
and love a guy,  and not even know where |
he's  coming  from  --  that's  how most |
whores are, isn't it?  Just think of how |       Isa. 35:16,17
many people claim they love Jesus Christ,|       Mal. 3:16
and  that  there is ... they  don't even |
know  where  the seals  are found in the |
prophecies.  Huhhh.  I wonder  what that |
could mean?                              |
"And the four and twenty elders  and the |  10. Prophets and Apostles.
four beasts fell down and worshipped God"|       Rev. 19:4
who sat  upon  the Throne.  And  a voice |       Rev. 19:5
came in heaven,  verse 5  says,  "Praise |
our God."  How many?  "All  ye his  ser- |
vants,  and ye that fear him, both small |
and great."                              |
"[And I] heard as it were the voice of a |  11. Alleluia.
great multitude,  and [as]  the voice of |       Rev. 19:6
many waters,  and as the voice of mighty |
thunderings  saying,  Alleluia:  for the |
Lord God Omnipotent reigneth." (All Pow- |
erful reigns!)                           |
"Let us  be glad  and rejoice,  and give |  12. The Marriage of the Lamb.
honor to him:  for the  marriage  of the |       Rev. 19:7
Lamb",  (which we learned about in Psalm |       Psa. 45:15
45), "is come."  So here we see  that in |       Rom. 7:4
Psalm 45,  the Lamb only has  to destroy |       Hos. 2:18-23
his  enemies.  And who are  his enemies? |       Rev. 19:15,21
Those who do not believe the Word of God.|
Now, if a person  never had a chance  to |  13. Mitigating Circumstances.
know -- you've got to forgive 'em -- for |       Luke 23:34
they don't know what they do. But should |       Mat. 5:44-45
anybody dare try to go against the Truth |
of God,  and try to hurt Christ, because |       Rev. 22:11
they know not, and refuse to know,  well |       Who of us can judge?
then, we're talking somethin' serious.   |       Who's worthy?
"Let us be glad [and rejoice,]  and give |  14. Getting Ready.
honour to him:  for the marriage  of the |       Rev. 19:7
Lamb is come,  and  his  wife  has  made |       Rom. 7:4
herself ready."  How  do you  think that |
girl in Psalms 45 made herself ready? Do |       By putting on the gown?
you think she made herself ready by deny-|
ing God  on the throne?  By denying  the |
importance  of the Lamb  opening the 1st |
seal?  Do  you  think  she made  herself |
ready  by denying that Christ had a Key- |
of-David?  Well,  if so  then  Psalms 45 |
wouldn't mean nothing to her, would it?  |
But anyway, it says, to her it was gran- |  15. White Bridal Gown.
ted  "that she should be arrayed in fine |       Rev. 19:8
linen, clean and white: for the fine lin-|       Psa. 132:9
en is the righteousness of the saints."  |       Isa. 55:7-9
My  friends,  are  you  right?  Are  you |  16. Marriage Proposal.
right?  Don't  worry  bout me.  Are  you |
right? Does your Father sit on a throne? |       Koresh Pops
Does He have a Book in his hand?  Did He |       the Question.
give it to the One you say you love? Was |
the promise that I come,  and my  reward |
is with  me,  was  that  not  true?  For |       John 3:16
someone  "that so loved the world,  that |       Rom. 5:8
he gave his only begotten Son,"  do  you |       1 John 4:7-21
not believe God's Heart indites  a  good |       1 John 4:1,2
matter?                                  |
The  question of  the  judgment  is  not |  17. Is Conqueror also Groom??
who's  done wrong,  or who's  done evil. |       Koresh's method for
The  question is, "Who is Worthy?"  Now, |       examining scripture.
Christ doesn't come  to be worthy  above |
you. Christ comes to give you his knowl- |
edge, his righteousness.  And  is it not |       Does what you see in the
right  that Psalms 45 is the same as the |       1st seal depend on whether
1st seal?  Is not Revelation 19 confirm- |       YOU personally are seeking
ing this?                                |       out Christ, or anti-christ?
Well,  if she  has the  righteousness of |  18. Arriving at the Truth.
saints, we as saints, should we not know |
rightly how to divide the Word of God... |
(line upon line,  precept on precept; to |       Isa. 28:10,13
see here, there;  and a little here, and |       Isa. 34:16,17
there a little.) ...the Truth of God?    |       1 Cor. 2:1-16
He said, "Write,  Blessed are they which |  19. Marriage Supper.
are called unto  the marriage supper  of |       Rev. 19:9
the Lamb. And he said unto me, These are |
the true  sayings  of God."  Well,  some |
people may not think so.                 |
But now  notice how John wanted  to fall |  20. The Testimony is The Spirit.
down and worship before the feet of  the |       Rev. 19:10
angel which showed him these things?  He |
said, "See thou do it not" for "I am thy |       Same as Rev. 22:8,9 except:
fellowservant, and of thy brethren..that |       "... the prophets, and of
have  the  testimony  of Jesus:  worship |       them which keep the sayings
God:  for the testimony of Jesus  is the |       of book: worship God."
spirit of Prophecy."                     |
What  do yo want to do?  Do  you want to |  21. What are You Looking For?
learn about  the wrath of Christ  by him |
riding  a white  horse  into heaven  and |       Phi. 1:14-19
destroying the unbelievers? Or would you |       Are not "bonds" also "seals"
rather  him just  come,  and  teach  you |       Phi. 2:1-11
these things ahead of time?              |
And John saw, "heaven opened, and behold |  22. Who Gives You Knowledge?
a white horse;  and he that sat upon him |       Rev. 19:11
was called  Faithful  and True,  and  in |
righteousness  he  doth  judge and  make |
war."  He doesn't  do it out  of unrigh- |
teousness. There's a truth that's almost |
2,000 years old  called the  Revelation. |
And men have built up empires, and chur- |
ches,  all in  the name  of Christ.  But |
have  they given  to  their  people  the |
knowledge  of which  only  the Lamb  can |
give? No.                                |
"His eyes were as a flame of fire,"  the |  23. The Nature of Truth.
way he sees with 7 eyes -- really burns. |       Rev. 19:12
"And on his head were many  crowns."  He |
takes those from the kings of the Earth, |       Rev. 4:10,11  21:24
you know.  And he  "had a name  written, |
that no man knew, but he himself."       |
People  don't  understand what  the name |  24. The Meaning of Koresh.
Koresh means. No one knows. Scholars can |       "Cyrus" is the Persian name
not tell  you.  Look at all  the concor- |       for the sun, and in Hebrew
dances,  and they  don't know.  But it's |       is "Koresh,"  which is the
found in Isaiah 45. It was  originally a |       same as the Egyptian "Phrah"
name given to a Persian king,  who over- |       Isa. 45:1+
threw  ancient  Babylon.  But there's  a |       Rev. 10:1,7
mystery  to  the  name  Koresh.  He  was |
"clothed with a vesture dipped in blood,"|       Rev. 19:13
because  people don't like to  learn the |       Gen. 37:31
truth  that's not out of their own head. |
"And his name is called The Word of God."|       John 1:1  1 John 5:7
That's  why so many  times Christ has to |  25. The Word Paves the Way.
be  rejected.  For people  know  not the |  If the prophets were all killed,
Word of God,  and  without  knowing  the |  their very blood would cry out
Word of God  -- The Book --  they'll not |  from the rocks of earth to give
know  the  seals.  Without  knowing  the |  the testimony of the Spirit of
seals,  they'll do unto Christ,  fulfil- |  prophecy -- had we not The Word.
ling, (Isaiah.. excuse me),  Matthew 24, |       Mat. 23:34,35  24:28
where  the carcass is,  "there  will the |       Heb. 11:4
eagles be gathered together."            |       Which speaks volumes to
                                         |       patriots.
Why? Because Isaiah says he'll come with |  26. The Sealed Book is the Word.
a strong hand,  and what's stronger than |       Job 39:27-30
that  book  of  seven seals?  That's the |       Isa. 11 18 40
Word of God,  fulfilling what it says in |       John 7:16-18  12:44-49
John: He that believeth on me, believeth |       Rev. 5:7 shows the Lamb
not on me, but on him that sent me. "For |       takes the Book out of
my doctrine is not my own,  but his that |       God's strong right hand
sent me." "And the armies" which are "in |       -- the hand of power.
heaven followed him  upon white horses." |       Rev. 19:14
There --  that's the Armageddon here  -- |
clothed in  fine linen, white and clean. |       And written in black & white
Now, Isaiah 13  will tell  you more  de- |  J. Other Testimony.
tail.  Just like in Joel 2.  You'll also |
learn  in Joel 2,  as well as Zephaniah, |
and Amos, and  Hosea, all the  different |
prophecies referring to these seals.     |
                                         |  K. Unlocking the Psalms.
Now  let me  emphasize something  to you |   1. A Key-of-David.
again,  when you  read Psalms 1,  always |       Psa. 1:5
keep your mind  up-hither -- remember -- |       In other words, "on high,"
I'm giving you a Key-of-David now.       |       -- look first always for
                                         |          for God.
I'll share with you. Every time you read |   2. Revelations and Psalms.
a psalm, like in Psalms 1,  the judgment |
is the one spoken of in Revelation 4 and |
5.  When you read Psalms 2, `the heathen |       Psa. 2:1
that  rage,  that imagine vain  things,' |
they're the ones whose thoughts are con- |
trary to the thoughts of God.  "Against  |       Psa. 2:2
the Lord, and against his anointed, say- |
ing,  Let us break  their  bands asunder |       Psa. 2:3
and cast their cords from us."           |
You see,  when  the  Lamb  comes  again, |   3. Breaking the Bands.
there's only one way  to know who he is, |       What's important is that
he has to reveal the 7 seals.  `That men |       the Lamb knows you.
may not  be judged  by the law,  for all |       Rom. 3:23
have broken  the law  and come short  of |       Gal. 3:21-29
glory  of God.'  That they  be might  be |
judged by nothing more than Truth.       |
'Cause, notice in Psalms 2, `the heathen |   4. God Judges the Nations.
rage,  and they  imagine  a vain thing.' |       Psa. 2:1-3
They  want  to stop  this  anointed one; |       <tape off & on>
`let us break  his bands asunder.'  What |
do you think that is? How many bands are |
there on the book? There are seven bands |
on the book. Why this is happening today,|       A seal is also a vow.
and He that sits in heaven,  (that's the |
Father you know), sitting on the Throne, |
He laughs.  He laughs while men begin to |       Psa. 2:4
make the worst mistake they've ever made.|
All the nations, from Babylon, to Persia,|       Psa. 2:5
Greece, and Rome, were judged by a judg- |
ment,  and they fell when it became time |
for God to make them fall.               |

Now, yes,  in Psalms 2 it says,  "I will |   5. Children of God.
declare  the decree:  the Lord hath said |       Psa. 2:7
unto me, Thou art my Son;  this day have |
I  begotten thee."  Well,  aren't we all |
sons of God if we hear the words of God? |
Now,  the Psalms are not written because |   6. Warnings of Psalms.
Christ  is desiring  to destroy mankind. |
On the contrary.  The warnings of Psalms |
1,  in the light of the Judgment,  is so |
that men might fear, and receive redemp- |
tion.  The same  is  Psalms 2.  Absolute |
terrible warnings are given, such as, `I |       Psa. 2:8-9
will dash them  to pieces  with a rod of |
iron,' right?  We know that Christ would |
never want to do that.                   |
But,  finally,  it comes  to a time when |   7. The Time for Judgment.
judgment must begin.  Clearly,  it  says |
`Now therefore  be ye wise,  ye kings of |       Psa. 2:10
the earth,  be  instructed  ye judges of |
the earth.  "Serve  the Lord  with fear, |       Psa. 2:11
rejoice  with trembling.  Kiss  the Son, |       Psa. 2:12
lest he be angry, and ye perish from the |
way,  when  his wrath  is  kindled but a |
little.  Blessed are  all they  that put |
their trust in him."                     |
Now, ministers should show you where the |   8. The High Road.
seals are. I have just given you a small |       There do seem to be alter-
little taste.  Is Psalms 45  the same as |       nate views of the same
Revelation?  Doesn't that make it plain? |       events; other writings of
It's the subject  of Christ getting mar- |       the Prophets & Apostle's
ried [and] a subject of Christ having to |       likewise.
deal with the enemies,  (who believe not |       Psa. 1:1-5
God's Word).  Does not Psalms 1 teach us |
to stand  in the Judgment,  don't sit in |       As in standing
the seat of the scornful, or of the sin- |       to be married.
ners?                                    |
Only God's  thoughts are holy.  And when |   9. God's Thoughts.
God's thoughts be revealed in  the seven |       "God's thoughts" are only
seals,  all true  Christians should make |       a partial aspect of God,
that  their first and foremost interest. |       better is to love God,
                                         |       (speaking as a child).
In Psalms 2,  why do the heathen have to |  10. Heathen Rage.
rage,  why do they have to fight the guy |       Psa. 2:1-3
that's got the seals?                    |       Isn't God's Word more
                                         |       important than the seals?
In Psalms 3, who's the person there that |  11. Many Say No Hope.
says,  `Many say  of my soul  there's no |       Psa. 3:2
help for him in God.'                    |       Historically, it's King
                                         |       David, as he fled from
                                         |       his son Absalom.
How come people  have to judge according |  12. Looking Beyond the Image.
to appearances of things, but they won't |       There do seem to be mul-
open their eyes and ears, and hear where |       tiple levels of meaning.
a person's coming from? In Psalms 4, who |
is the one speaking there where it says, |
`O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn |       Psa. 4:2
my  glory into shame?  how long will you |       It does seem to be a
seek after leasing, and love vanity?'    |       dialogue between David
                                         |       and God.
"But  know that  the LORD  has set apart |  13. Set Apart.
him that is godly for himself:  the LORD |       Psa. 4:3
will hear when I call unto him."  Who in |
the heavens  has God separated  from all |
of heaven, (a part that is godly for him-|       How 'bout The Word?
self).                                   |
                                         | III. Conclusions.
The Lamb, who wishes to judge no man af- |  A. Keep the Word.
ter the flesh,  but  gives  to all men a |
truth in fulfillment of the testimony of |       The passage actually
John:  that `If you continue  in my doc- |       says: If you continue
trine, then you are my disciples indeed, |       in "my word"
and  ye shall  know the truth,  and  the |       John 8:32
truth shall set you free.'               |
In Zechariah,  who is the man on the red |  B. The Rest of the Seals.
horse?  Doesn't Revelation  talk about a |       Zec. 1:8
man on  a red horse?  How does it apply? |       Rev. 6:3-4
In the 3rd seal,  the Book of Hosea, who |
is that merchant man with  "the balances |       Hos. 10:7
of deceit," that Hosea speaks of?  Could |       Mic. 6:11
it be that man who has balances -- who's |
trying  to sell?  I mean,  what  are  we |
dealing with here? Where is the 4th seal |
found in  the prophecies?  The 5th seal? |
The 6th seal?                            |
The importance  of the seals  is that if |  C. The Importance of the Seals.
you do not listen,  you are going to end |
up making the worst mistake, you've ever |
made, in all of your lives.              |
We  made  an  agreement,  with  the  ATF |  D. ATF Promises
agents,  that if they would allow me, to |
have national coverage  with this  tape, |
that I  might give to the  world a small |
minute... a  small  minute  bit,  of the |
information that I have tried so hard to |
share  with people;  that if  I would do |
this,  that all the people  here  at the |
facility ("compound" here, as y'all call |
it)  will  give  ourselves over  to  the |
world,  give ourselves  out to you.  And |
this  is what I  promised.  And  this is |
what we're going to keep.                |
Now  remember,   Revelation  Chapter  13 |  E. Those of the Dragon.
tells us, very clearly what our ideology |
should be toward that beast, and all the |
world that wonders after that beast. Who |
do they worship? Remember, before I said |
it to you, God said it. They worship the |
dragon.  And will Christ give up on any- |
body for worshipping the  dragon unwill- |
ingly?  No.  Just like the woman  at the |       John 4:2
well. `Woman, you know not whom you wor- |       The text actually refers
ship,' Christ told her.                  |       to "what" -- not "whom.
But now,  in Spirit and in Truth,  let's |  F. Heavenly Perspective.
come up hither  to where  I  come  from. |
Let's  believe  in  a God  on the throne |       God's not a "what."
now.  All churches.  Papacy,  Lutherans, |
we're all brethren.  But  let's get into |
unity with one God, one Truth, one Lamb, |       1 Cor. 1:10
one Spirit  --  and  let's  receive  the |
reward of righteousness.                 |
                                         |  Analysts:  Stephen Tice
Thank you very much. God Bless You.      |             James Trimm