a (somewhat) apocryphal story

When Noah showed saint his bat and explained it as “Y2K insurance,” saint pulled out Peace, his 9 millimeter, and replied, “I hear ya, and if things go bad, I got yer back.” “Yeah,” replied Noah, eyeing the pistol, “but mine is Y2K compliant.”

saint thought about that, and around 1 in the morning ran into Noah in DP’s parking lot. He still had the bat, and they both had bottles of Rolling Rock. They agreed to have a Y2K compliancy check.

Noah downed his beer, tossed his empty bottle of ’Rock into the air, and swung into it. A double at least, with a nice shatter pattern into the dumpster.

saint stepped up and pulled out Peace. Chugging down, tossed up the bottle.

saint shot and did hit, but upon inspection they both discovered that he had hit it with, not a 9 millimeter black talon, but a 7/16 inch lead musket ball.

Peace was not Y2K compliant.