I found your website while I was looking for one where I could complain to Gumby's corporate office - and have I got a horror story for ya'll.  Innocently enough, I got hungry the other night and decided the best thing to cure my hunger with was an order of Gumbys Pokey Stix (I gave up on their pizza a long time ago).  I called them up, ordered, paid with credit card (told the guy the card number twice), gave them my address, and sat down to wait the 30 minutes they said it would take.  An hour later, I still didn't have a pizza, so I called to see if there was a problem.  They asked me my address and when I told them what it was, they said that my pizza was on its way.  30 more minutes later, I still have no food.  So I call again, explain the situation, and the phone guy asks my address again, and when I tell him, he tells me that they don't have any pizzas to be delivered to that address, but they did have one that went to 2204 Rio Grande (right number, wrong street - they're located on Rio Grande, but I'm not) and that I must have told him the wrong address.  I was a little annoyed that he had accused my of not knowing my address, but asked him to please just deliver the pizza to my correct address as soon as possible.  So, 5 minutes later, the delivery freak shows up at my door, gets ready to hand me the pizza, but instead of handing me a credit card slip to sign, tells me I owe him $8.06.  And when I told him I'd paid by credit card over the phone, he laughed and told me I hadn't.  By this point, I was angry.  So I asked him if all of their employees were completely incompetent, and  then he refused to give me my pizza!  It was a logical question!  I went back inside, called Gumbys, and asked to speak to a manager.  The manager, of course, was busy, and the guy on the phone told me I could either tell him the problem or he'd just hang up on me.  So I told him the story, and he informed me that first of all, the delivery freak didn't have to give me my pizza after I criticized him.  Then he tells me that he remembers talking to me, and that I had told him that my address was 2204 Rio Grande, and that I was right next door to them.  This is just not true.  I know where I live, I know where they're located, and I know that I don't live anywhere near next door to them.  When I told the guy on the phone this, he informed me that it was a simple mistake, and I should just admit that I made it and get over it - it obviously wasn't their fault, because they take lots of orders a day.  Now, by this point in the conversation, I was so mad I was having a hard time forming words.  So I told the guy I would call back another time to speak to a manger, and asked him his name.  His rocket science-worthy reply was "Well, what's your name?"  I told him mine, and - big surprise - he still wouldn't tell me his.  So I asked what the managers name was, and the dipshit goes, "I told you I don't have to tell you my name".  So I repeat myself, and he goes "Oh...it's Chris", and hangs up the phone.  This was three days ago, and I'm still pissed they were that rude to me!  And, to top everything off, there's a charge on my credit card for a pizza they refused to give me!!  I have to go in tomorrow and talk to manger that (hopefully) isn't a jackass and get that straighened out.  Anyways, thanks for letting me rant!  (I hope you understood it all)  Your site is great, and Gumby's Pizza sucks!



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