Burning Bush’s testimony



>I believe it is time to start a grassroots campaigne against petty pizza people. Does Scumby's have a corporate email address, or a local one? Have you got an address where we can write letters? We can start a campaign based on the fact that people across the country know about the crappy chesse practices of Scumby's and have heard of the crappy cheese practices of places like Dominoes and Pizza Hut.
>     I've actually gotten to the point where when I order a pizza from Dominoes, I tell them over the phone that I will refuse delivery if I am not satisfied with the extra cheese. I actually got them to deliver to me 4 separate times in one evening after I got a regular with no extra cheese and then weighed the cheese on a scale I happen to for very legal reasons keep around. The pie with no extra cheese weighed out to 8 oz of cheese. The pie with extra cheese weighed out to 8.5 oz of cheese ( I later theorized that it was only heavier because of the sauce left in the bowl from the previous pizza, I had forgotten to zero the scale.). I maintained that it was a ripoff to not only pay for extra cheese, but to pay more for extra cheese than any other topping.
>     I think the manager finally got pissed off because I finally received a pizza that was so intensely covered in cheese that I was unable to ever actually locate more than a token crust. And it was actually quite tasty. I'm sure all the spit and lugies I had to eat were well worth the pie I got. Besides, all that stuff is sterile by the time you get it cause of the piping hot pizza.
>     In any case, rebel against the petty pizza people! Demand chincy cheese change! Control the conspiracy! Let's take this all the way to Ann Arbor, home of Pizza Hut and kinda a cool town to hang out in!!!
>     Thanks for lettin' me bitch and moan,
> -- (a.k.a. Gimme-the-fuckin'-cheese-Bitch)


          saint’s peshar


     This is a sad tale indeed, one for which Burning Bush became the Branch Floridians’ first martyr.




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