I just today sent a letter to the head gumby's man down in Gainsville about an atrocious display of customer service, though, now that I've seen your website, I won't hold my breath to get a reply back from them. Just thought I'd let you know how right you are. I had a driver complain to me about her tip rather rudely (hey, some days you just can't afford a great tip, especially since their prices had just gone up and I hadn't been told my total until she was standing there in front of me) When I called to complain about her additude, the "manager" who answered the phone told me that I was probably rude to her first and why did I give her such a small tip, anyway? After that conversation, the driver CALLED ME BACK TRYING TO START A FIGHT. I hung up when she said, "well, what i wanted to do was turn around and--." Clearly, Gumby's couldn't care less about the people that they get their money from, when it comes to toppings or anything else. Glad to find your site and know i'm not the only one they've treated so poorly. Though, I did enjoy their pepperoni rolls and am sad to discover that I won't be able to get them anywhere since service is apparently poor across the country, not just here. 

—MD Trent


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