For all those who have never experienced the joy at Gumby’s Hell. Kudos to you. I’m an ex employee of Gumby’s Pizza. Now I don’t have time to tell you all the horror stories of drunk ass holes, fucked up orders and idiot employees. But I do have time to tell you about how horrible the owner and the corporate nose candy loving ass bags really are.

Before I worked at Gumby’s I worked for a very reputable well known restaurant nuff said. I began working for Ass Hat (we’ll call him this for the sake of friends who still work there) and for the first few months things go smoothly. During a meeting (at which there was one female) everything was going well until the topic of the health inspector came up….It was suggested that he should call and ask the inspector for the proper procedures we should take on a new food we had. He agreed but added a comment that made me so angry I almost threw my keys at him and quit. What was his comment you ask? His comment was “yeah I’ll call her, and I can ask for a lap dance while I’m at it” Now some would just shrug this off but he and the rest of the Ass Bags that work for this horrendous place are all the same. They view women as objects. And with that being said, I heard indirectly that a certain founder of the company lost his wedding band after taking it off to go to a strip club. This certain founder is not only married but has children as well…so there you go that’s my Gumby’s horror story.

I want to put my name on this but because it could possibly be used in a sexual harrasment suite someday I really can't.

-Pissed off ex Employee # 37890



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