As a former driver for Gumby's back in the eary 90's, I stumbled upon your site while trying to show someone the funny Gumby logo. Your site has me in stiches.  OF course the pizza was and probably still is terrible. You get what you pay for. All of us that worked there were college students who couldn't care less about customer satisfaction. We were too stoned and drunk to even come close to caring. We would all hang out in the cooler and get high constantly. 
   To be fair, the quality of the food wasn't the worst. The dough and sauce were made fresh. The cheese came from a company called Lissante, which many pizza places uses. The meat was cheap crap, but no different than any other low end pizza place. Still, it was not to my liking. Cleanliness was definitely an issue. Part of job as a "driver" was to clean and scrub the dough pans. Inr eality, that meant a quick splash of water only if someone was watching.  Otherwise, I simply moved the dirty dishes to the clean side. The same untensil we used to cut the dough was used to scrap the grease trap and drains.  The manager brought his huge dog to work which shit all over the place.
   As far as "ripping you off" Cheap college students brougt that on to themselves. The worst thing you can do is call up and say in a drunk slurred voice "What specials do you have" We were very good at making them up, ususally at a premimum price that helped fun our taste for premium pot. I once made an extra $38.00 by overcharging a large order for a church that never tipped. We also never carried loose change. If your pizza was $8.50, and you were not of the tipping sort, you had better be prepared to pay $9.00
Also, if you were meant to us on the phone or were one of our regular "nontippers", your delivery was at the bottom of the list. We would make 4 or 5 "runs" at a time and delivered to good customers first. Also if you're pizza was late, it very may well have been becasue, I was too stoned to find your place, I may have stopped off for lunch myself, or maybe even stopped at a friend's for a beer and a quick game of Madden football on Sega (gosh I feel old).  So yes, your complaints are valid and amusing too. 
   I really enjoyed working there. It was a fun job while going to school, but you're right. We didn't give a shit. You all could have choked on your pizza for all we cared. To this day, I will not EVER have a pizza delivered to my house. I look at it as a disgusting and lazy thing to do. If you want pizza, my advise is to go to a good mom and pop type place. All of the chains suck. By the way, Pokey Stix were the nastiest f***ing things on the face of the earth.  It basically was pizza dought brushed with nast butter that's been sitting out all day by the hot oven. At the end of the day, if any was left, it was put in the cooler and used again the next day. Eating one Pokey Stix probably takes 3 years off your life.

Great website. Thanks for the memories!


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