I deliever pizzas for the Gumby's in Raleigh, NC.  It is sad to me that you actually take the time to run this page.  But since you do I thought I would take the time to share my thoughts as well.  You might think that gumby's employees are stupid, but you don't see everything that we have to deal with.  Since gumby's pizza primarily delivers to college students, it's safe to assume the 80% of our customers are either high, drunk or both.  I have seen customers kick and dent drivers cars, beer bottles have been broken over drivers heads, we've delievered to people being arrested, people who come to the door naked, and people to fucked up to count money(but thats ussually to the drivers advantage).  And that's just to name a few.  I had one drunk girl call tonight, I asked her for her phone number, which she gave to me and then she hung up,  an hour and a half later she called back wondering where her pizzas was, when I explained to her what she had done she started to yell and wanted to talk to a manager, but what should he do... she never ordered.  And then there is the nightly favorite of people who come home for the bar and order gumby's and then are passed out 30 minutes later when you get there, so gumby's is stuck with countless extra pizzas.  People will order and then when you get there they don't have any money, so not only is that another wasted pizza but they have also wasted the drivers time.  On time a drunk girl tried to pay with clothes and a half eaten bag of chips.  Now I ask you, how often do you think pizza hut, that charges twice as much and closes by midnight, has to deal with this sort of stuff.  As for the cheese, I to am a hugh fan of cheese, and the gumby's in raleigh is not skimpy on it, so I would suggest that you try ours once. 



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