I hesitate to write this, but if this is the place to rant and rave about a shit hole...than i might as well. This has to do with the Gumby's in Athens, Ga. I do work there, but there's no telling when i will get fired for ...anything or nothing. About twice a year, the Don Johnson wannabe, corporate guys in Florida send a "potential" manager to try and turn the place in Athens into "Miami Vice Land". I have been working at the store in Athens long enough to witness two of these new guys. There seems to be a pattern. They usually last a few months and either go insane or get a DUI and get put in jail, never to show up for a shift again. Between these times there has been a manager that has held the place together like glue and everyone who has worked for him, has enjoyed him. We all know the food is total crap, but it is a job. Recently, the Florida people have sent another minion to "change" the Athens store. The Don Johnson's in Florida have their noses so far in the nose candy business, that they have no idea about what goes on at the Athens store. (side note: we recently have escalated to an alarm system. This only happened after a robbery at 3:30 in the morning and two people were shot.) This new 23 year old shit head has managed to piss off EVERYONE at the store. Half the staff has walked out or he has just quit putting their name on the schedule, for no reason at all. oh, wait...one reason has been because they weren't pretty enough. he came in and said he needed to hire different bar girls because the ones he had were ugly. And he has managed to do just that. He has also managed to turn a shit hole into even more of a shit hole. This place is nasty! The new 18 year old, Britney Spears bartenders don't want to get their hands sticky, which would mean to not touch a thing. the dish pit has always smelled like vomit...One of the beer coolers has a bad drain so the bottom of the cooler has a blanket of white curdled lookin' cottage cheese when it moves emits a putrid, sour, almost toxic gas. Sometimes it spills out onto the floor behind the bar. The ham used for sandwiches and for toppings is ALWAYS slimy and usually brown. These things have been like this, but now they are getting worse. The new guy has replaced PBR with...ZIMA!! and Mike's Hard Lemonade! and some Raspberry Cider CRAP!! It's blatantly obvious who he wants to bring in the store. Underage girls who like wine coolers because beer is icky. And...and and if you think Ranch is the Anti-Christ...you are over-looking the mother load. Pokey Butter! It's Sorority Girl Crack. Some of us have proposed filling hypodermic needles with Pokey Butter and selling it on the street. you DO NOT get pokey butter on your skin. It will not come off! It's rumored that it was used to get a lug nut off a driver's wheel so he could change a flat tire. It is a huge NO to eat Gumby's. If you want a butt bomb, then go for it. I would rather eat dirt than anything that comes out of the kitchen at Gumby's. They should send a roll of toilet paper with delivery orders. And i work there. I think you should seriously reconsider eating anything from that place. I hope you're not still eating Gumby's and have this wonderful hate web page. I appreciate your time. This is simply ranting about Gumby's. Have a good day.

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