The Mystery Towel


I just read some of the things that people wrote about how nasty Gumby's was so I figured I'd share my nastiest story (which I'd refused to mention in the email a few minutes ago).  Here goes - and this wasn't when I was a manager, I was just a new driver:
There was a guy that lived over in the Foxfire apartments in Tempe that never tipped.  It's not that he was foreign and didn't know better - he was just a cheap-ass.  If the bill was $10.25 he'd give $11.00 and ask for "just $.50 back."  He'd order just about every night and you were lucky to get that quarter out of him.  Needless to say, delivery drivers hated getting stuck with that run, especially of there wasn't anything else going that way. 
One night a driver saw the yellow ticket that had his address and yelled - "I'm making this one!!"  He went into the bathroom (was gone about 4 or 5 minutes) and came out with toilet paper in his hand.  He proceeded to smear the dough with whatever the contents of that tissue were - I'm assuming it was semen, butt sweat, butt wipe - who knows... I didn't want to know.  He made the pizza and took it to him.  He of course came back laughing saying he got stiffed on that run.
Let that be a lesson to always tip the drug addict, alcoholic career pizza guys well... and so well that they remember that you are a big tipper - sometimes you'll get pushed to the top of the list.  I'm a minimum $4 tip - even if it's cold and an hour late.  That pizza is alone with a guy you don't know for about 10 minutes before he gets to your house - not to mention what he can do to it in the store. 
You think you'd notice if someone spit on your pizza?  Not if there is a little bit under each pepperoni.  Those guys did some nasty ****.  I never did that - I just wanted to work and go home... but some of those guys take things way too seriously.  All I can say is always tip your driver (prefferably your Papa John's driver).
I hope that doesn't scare anyone... but I hope it gives some insight to the mentality of a Gumby's driver.  They aren't all bad, but remember:  you don't get to pick who makes your food and delivers it. 
Thanks again for all your work!!


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