Dude, I drive for Gumbyís and your pretty much right.† We donít really care about the customer, we goof off, make jokes, and act stupid.† But honestly, what do you expect, itís college students running a pizza store.† Donít know about other stores, but ours is pretty much all students, including the manager.† College students running a pizza shop, hmmm, I wonder whatís gonna happen.† Lack of care, rude to the customers, and pretty much doing whatever the hell we want, that includes drinking and smoking on the job.† I love the job, itís easy and fun, amd we honestly enjoy pulling pranks on people like spelling phrases like ďI love sex"†on pizzas for valentines day, or acting stupid on the phone with customers.† Tell you what though, i never eat that greasy crap unless iím starving.



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