Hi, I too have recently been shitted on by Gumbys. 

I attend the university of iowa in Iowa City and my tragedy begins like this: It was on a saturday evening and me and some friends were very hungry and we wanted to fill our tummies before we hit the bars. So we immdediatley thought POKEY STIX! I called in the order for an extra cheese medium pokey stix and wait the usual 3-45 minutes. Driver finally shows up and instantly says that he doesn't have any change. So i tell him to get some from the dorm desk because all i have is a 20. Now the total was something around $10.80 and when he got back, I gave him the 20. He asks how much i want back and i say hold on let me see if i need some singles for the quarter machines(I saw that he had gotten alot of singles and it reminded me of how i need to do laundry the next day...) I usually tip 2 bucks so that would make my total $12.80, so i was excpecting to get back 7 dollars. Remembering that i had singles back in my room, I asked for 7 back. He gave me three bills and suddenly RAN LIKE THE WIND for his car. I mean he just took off! I shrugged and started to walk off when i noticed he gave me 3 singles instead of 2 singles and a 5. I turned around and begain yelling for him and as he got in his car, he yells back, "Sorry!" and takes off!! I was pissed!! I had given him a 7 dollar tip. Now i know that's stupid on my part not to check the bills right away, but come on!! 

Anyways, I called the place and bitched, so i hope he got a good lecture or whatever. No change, and then huge tip? I don't think so!!! 



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