This is [K-Ynot]'s story.  It must be told.  Please send to all trustworthy members.


I, in a semi sober moment, asked the manager on duty at Gumby's what they do when people ask for extra cheese.  In his honesty, he said "nothing".  One pie guru said he actually put on less cheese when people asked for "extra".  The manager said it was an unofficial Gumby's policy to not add more cheese, but rather to scatter a few extra shreds along the crust to give it the pretense of actual "extra cheese" without having to shell out the extra 12 cents it costs them to do so.  I snickered, again in my semi soberness, and they probably thought I would not remember the conversation.  But I have, and I feel it is my duty to share.

My husband and I have had to stoop to going to these takeout pizza places and actually watch them in order to receive the extra cheese.  It is a sad day when one has to stoop so low as to get carry out just to ensure the integrity of the extra cheese request.

Alas, the same holds for requests for "less sauce", (something I have been forced to ask for due to an ulcer undoubtedly caused by the excess of sauce and the lack of cheese on many a pizza).

If I hear any more of the inside tales of the pizza world, I will pass them
along swiftly to we can stand up to the pizza corporations of America

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Mad Dog, Texas is a bad place to be in trouble.




the Crusade for Extra Cheese! 

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