My problem was not with the under cheesed za, but rather with the shoddy employee's of the East Lansing, Michigan store.  Extremely hungry, but running low on dough, so were forced to settle for Gumby's.  After receiving the pizza we were given a group of coupons on the box.  One of these coupons, titled,"Stick it to me Tuesday" entitled the bearer to a free order of pokey sticks when another is ordered of equal or lesser value.  After the Monday night football game had ended we decided to use our coupon.  Yes, the game started on Monday night, but by the time it ended it was well into Tuesday morning local time.  We called to use our coupon at 12:15 AM Tuesday.  Our coupon was refused by the store for unknown reasons.  We asked to speak to the manager, and he told us that it was still Monday night, the conversation went something like this. 

Manager: "I'm sorry sir, but it's Monday night and that coupon is only good on Tuesday's"

Me:  Well, what time is it now?

it's 12:15.

12:15 what?

12:15 A.M.

Meaning that it is now Tuesday morning, therefore it is "Stick it to me Tuesday" and I would like my free order of Pokey Stix. 

No sir, it's Monday and we have a special for Monday's.

I don't think you understand, you just said it was Tuesday.

No, that coupon is only good on Tuesday business day.

Where does it say that on the coupon?

At this point the manager slammed that phone down on it's base, rudely hanging up on a long time valued customer.  I have spent many hungry nights feasting on Gumby's Pokey Stix.   My friend and I proceeded to email Gumby's corporate office and still have not received a return email, or phone call for that matter.

Enraged in East Lansing


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