A paranoid is someone who knows what’s really going on.

–William S. Burroughs

Saint shade: a modern-day mystic, visionary, and psycho-social evangelist. Like his seventh century namesake, he is intent on sparking an intellectual revolution centered around that most dangerous of the ancient heresies, “think for yourself!”


Lee Harvey shadeWald, hard at work on the next Update

Author of four novels and several pieces of academic non-fiction, he is also the chief scribe for The Branch Floridians, an intellectual collective dedicated to lateral thinking and bad taste. Their compound is located in BadAss, Arizona.

Branch Floridian Cyber-Compound

shade also plays a mean guitar, and has a pet hedgehog.

Why he refers to himself in the third person or has those long-ass thumbnails has never been adequately established.

shade at the zoo  

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