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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER!contrary to popular opinion, shade is not the Matthew Farrell who wrote Thunder Rift.  shade has been known to use the nom de plume Matthew Thomas Farrell (for reasons known only by him) and understandably, this has caused some confusion.  Dont be that guy!  Below are the bona fide books.


Download the “shareware sampler” of any (well, most) of my works.  Get the first few chapters for free.  Like what you see? Get the whole thing for a modest charge.

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First Hit’s Free!   A strange, sardonic shaggy dog story chock full of inside jokes and cryptic references, half of which even I don’t get.  A good introduction that actually makes the most sense in context when read last.  As Jesus said, “...the first shall be last, and the last shall be first...” (app. 50 pages)

Blade   Science fiction saga of a sharp-witted woman with a nasty knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong t-shirt. Rumors that this is a savage parody of the Waco stand-off will not be answered without the presence of my attorney. (app. 75 pages)

Lady Gretta’s Discovery   A religious commentary masquerading as a romance novel.  Sensuous, erotic, and silly.  A favorite among the ladies, for some odd reason. (app. 50 pages)

essene   Deviant theology cunningly disguised as slick science fiction.  An exploration into the mysteries of gnostic Christianity, dementia, and the problems that arise when you and the Afterlife fail to meet each others’ expectations.  Not for everyone, but for the right people it’s all that and more. (app. 150 pages)

He even has two screenplays (in various states of completion):


B.I.T.S.  Cyberpunk sci-fi thriller of a space exploration gone awry [note: this is currently under consideration for optioning!]

Voynich  A profoundly paranoid thriller that has no plot (but 5 to 8 interconnected subplots) about secret societies, vegan lesbian terrorists, and the mysterious Voynich Manuscript [app. 180 pages, or 6 hours; divided into a 3-part miniseries]  This had a 1% chance of ever getting made, and another 1% chance of getting made correctly...


On odd occasions (because he’s such an odd guy) shade also publishes academically-oriented nonfiction:



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