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The Return of “Pop Quiz”



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1)  Who was the only man in history to have actively served as a general on BOTH sides of the SAME war?   


2)  What was the Celestine Prophecy?  (note and hint: this is a HISTORY question, not an ENGLISH question, so any mention of the unrelated and wretchedly heinous James Redfield book of the same name automatically loses 666 points.  You have been warned.)  

3)  What was the first telegraph message?    






1)  prove “zero” exists.  (50 words max)   


2)  what is the first “perfect number”?   


3)  I have a missile in BadAss, Arizona and I shoot it at Miskatonic University on the East coast.  What conic shape does the flight path assume?     






1)  How can the addictive substance Dihydrogen Monoxide kill you?  (3 answers max.)   


2)  What's the largest rodent in the world?   


3)  Einstein vs. Newton in a battle to the death: who'd win?     







1)  What was the first book empirically known to be written?    


2)  What is unusual about this paragraph?  It’s not all that obvious, but you’ll probably catch on.  Actually, I’m totally improvising what I say in it, so pardon my random ranting and narration.  Anyway, a quick plug to fill and fluff this thing out.  Folks, this quiz is just for fun, flax, and bravado bragging rights, but Branch Floridiansm isn’t joking around!  No sir!  Branch Floridians want you to think on your own!  I’m not blowing hot air on this conspiracy schtick; truly, groups in our world want to control your brain!  Don’t fall for that mind-numbing old scam, or Brain Bandits will own you and pull your strings from now until Doomsday.  But I’m babbling, so I’ll stop for now.  I should probably put a "schwa" in this but don't know any html symbols for it.  Anyway, did you spot what was odd about this paragraph?   


3)  Write a limerick (warning: mentioning “Nantucket” caries a 69 point penalty)     




bonus round:     



Name an apostle other than one of the original 12.