The REVENGE of “Pop Quiz” 



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The REVENGE of “Pop Quiz” 




WitKnee — 53

Freezer Burn — 51

Sisbooomba — 39

FireSkunk — 5





1. Name a Pope who died while having sex (3 answers max) 

Answer:  Leo VII (936-9) died of a heart attack while “engaging”, John VII (955-64) was bludgeoned to death by the husband of the woman he was with at the time, and John XIII (965-72) was also murdered by a jealous husband who caught him en coitus.  There is some evidence that Paul II (1467-71) had a stroke while being sodomized by a page boy, but Evil Matt has been unable to independently confirm this.

Best Answers:  

Probably any Pope with "Peter" in his name...  Also Pope Phallus XVII" died in the waiting room of a local Roman brothel.    Freezer Burn

The pope who died having sex was caused a stink and scandle in the church that required a massive
coverup and to this day anything masking or hiding a stink is known by that name.    Sisbooomba

    Ok, this took a disgusting amount of research but I found one- pope John VII- murdered by the husband of the chic he was doing. Too bad, huh? But what a way to go!    WitKnee

Ignatius, Pius, John    Billy

Pope Luscious the Sexth    Dyna Charcoal

Frank Zappa (so? He's not a pope, he's more holy)    Mike

John Paul II (it could happen!)    Taotejay


2. Why did the Japanese vigorously and repeatedly bomb the baseball fields at Pearl Harbor? 


Answer:  They thought it hid the oil storage facility.  One of the main plans at Pearl Harbor was for the Japanese to shut down Hawaii as a functional naval base, and destroying the oil depots would have gone a long way to accomplishing this.  The oil tanks were located near by, out in the open.  However, the Japanese didn’t think we would be stupid enough to put them out in the open, and mysteriously came to the conclusion that these were decoys and the real tanks were buried under the baseball diamond.  They bombed the snot out of the playing field, but left the real tanks alone.

Best Answers:  

Calculated plot to lower our morale.  You'd think they'd hit the golf courses to try to kll the officers.    Freezer Burn

The Japs continued to bomb the baseball field at Pearl Harbor because they mistook it for a westernstyle "bullseye".    Sisbooomba

They thought they were important government buildings even though they were neither buildings or located anywhere NEAR the capital... they were probably Kamikaze pilots anyways... and what do they know?!    WitKnee

They had just lost the intramurals.    Dyna Charcoal

they thought it would strike fear in our hearts.    Mike

It was a vain attempt to destroy Major League Baseball in the US in order to further the Japanese league.    Taotejay

3. What was listed as Thomas Dewey’s address in the 1949 edition of “Who’s Who?” 

Answer:  1600 E. Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.  The Chicago Tribune wasn’t the only one who figured Truman didn’t have a chance in the election...

Best Answers:  

educated guess: The WHite house, Washington DC.  I'll bet the same address was given in a misprint of "Where are they now?" too.    Freezer Burn

Thomas Dewey's address was a typeing error ......instead of a white house on a particular was listed as White House and everyone asumed he had won the election and Who's Who had to make a retraction as well as an apology and send their staff back to grammar and typing school    Sisbooomba

    Thomas Dewey, Thomas Dewey, ok, once again, I took actual time to >research who the heck he was. And since it says that he repeatedly ran for president my best guess is that they made the HORRIBLE mistake of saying he lived in the White House.    WitKnee

1600 pennsylvaina Ave    Billy

1400 Pennsylvania Avenue    Dyna Charcoal

732 6th ave and 7th st (it's wrong, but give me points for my double reference to the number 42)    Mike

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue    Taotejay




1. How many licks to center of Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop? 

Answer:  The world may never know (but the wise old owl says 3)

Best Answers:  

Depends on the flavor.  CHerry: 2449  Grape: 2398  Root Beer: unknown, as they are nasty    Freezer Burn

How many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop? ZERO- you go for the big bite (unless you are Monica Lewinski, in which case the number of licks is determined by the number of minutes left alone with it.)    Sisbooomba

a-one.... a-two.... a-three..... CRUNCH! (the world may never know....)    WitKnee


One...two-hoo...three.    Dyna Charcoal

a one....a two...a three..oh. ask the owl.    Mike

3 (that's what Mr. Owl said)    Taotejay

2. What is the 5th dimension (remember: this is math, not music

Answer:  Probability.  The first three dimensions are “length”, “width”, and “height” on an X-Y-Z axis.  The Fourth is “time.”  The Fifth comes to us courtesy Quantum Physics; confused quizzers are referred to the postulate of “Schrödinger’s Cat” for clarification.  To put it in lay terms, flip a coin on a table.  The first three dimensions are “where” it lands, the fourth is “when” it lands (because only one object can occupy a space at a given time) and the fifth is if it is heads or tails.  It may land “heads” in our “reality” but according to Schrödinger there is an alternate reality where it landed “tails.”  Albert Einstein replied to Schrödinger of this, “your math adds up, but your conclusions are ridiculous.”

Best Answers:  

Whatever you want it to be; all dimensions beyond the 4th are hypothetical.    Freezer Burn

The 5th dimention is CREDIT CARDS....taking a relativley small amount and expanding it over time until it bears no resemblence to what you start with....and at the same time taking what you give it and making it continuously come out to be the same amount, no matter how much you send in or how often.    Sisbooomba

the third dimension and the second dimension put together?    WitKnee

Time  —  Billy

hipness    Dyna Charcoal

X, Y, Z, its a coordinate thangy.. Or the dimension after time.    Mike

Cost    Taotejay


3. What mathematician noted that the distance between you and a mirror and the your reflection and the mirror is the same, except in negative numbers? 

Answer:  Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll.)  A variant of this postulate appears in Alice through the Looking Glass.

Best Answers:  

I'll say Decarte.  He was weird like that.    Freezer Burn

The mathemetician- artist that noted that the disstance between you and a mirror and the reflection and the mirror is the same but in negative numbers was the famous narsasist Leonardo DaVinci- never beeing far from a mirror and discovering that the peoson, mirror and image remained a steady 17 and 1/2 flacid inches apart......of course he never said what it was the he used to measure that distance with.    Sisbooomba

    I did... duh....  —  WitKnee

Google    Billy

Sir Humphrey Wigglesworth    Dyna Charcoal

I don't know. But you..the monkey said so..i swear    Mike

Mr Glass    Taotejay




1. What mammal has the most teeth? 


Answer:  Hedgehogs, with 32

Best Answers:  

Ted Nugent    Freezer Burn

The mammal with the most teeth is objective, depending on which ever one bite naturally has not only the most teeth, but also the largest teeth.    Sisbooomba

    That would be the web-footed wombat. Yeah. Um, Scientists haven't EXACTLY proven that this creature is real, but TRUST ME... it is...    WitKnee

Human    Billy

Whale    Dyna Charcoal

one of those thigns connected to a dork...    Mike

The one about to eat you.    Taotejay


2. Which will fall faster: a lead bowling ball, or a lead tennis ball? 

Answer:  They fall at the same rate (32 feet/second.)  Galileo proved this with an orange and a lead ball from atop the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Best Answers:  

Assuming standard gravity, etc. they're both the same rate. Trying to be tricky, eh...   Freezer Burn

Having dropped a bowling ball on my foot as a child I can deffinatly say it was the fastest thing I have ever seen.    Sisbooomba

Due to the laws of gravity they will fall at the same rate...    WitKnee

Neither    Billy

Bowling ball    Dyna Charcoal

in no friction, the same, but a lead tennis ball would offer less resistance than a bowling ball, therefore slightly faster.  —  Mike

Technically both, although given enough distance the tennis ball may fall slightly more slowly due to wind resistance since it does not have a smooth surface.    Taotejay


3. Who invented dynamite? 

Answer:  Dr. Alfred Nobel

Best Answers:  

Dyna might have, but I have been unable to confirm this, so I'll go with Nobel.    Freezer Burn

Dr. Nobel    WitKnee

Nobel    Billy

Nobel    Dyna Charcoal

Jimmy Walker? Isn't he the guy who goes Dy-NO-Mite!    Mike

Alfred Nobel. I think he won a prize.    Taotejay


(bonus: what are done with the royalties?) 

Answer:  It funds the Nobel Prize awards.  Dr. Nobel was so horrified by the destructive potential of his invention that he insisted the royalties be put to positive use.  This is why the Nobel Prizes are awarded only for Peace and other positive advancement in science and humanities.

Best Answers:  

It bankrolls the Nobel Prize awards.  Guess he felt guilty.    Freezer Burn

The inventor of dynamite was sadly unknown ,but the royalties are being use to answere that question, and once they get all the little fleshy bits back together they should be able to make an identification at lest by d.n.a.    Sisbooomba

All royalties go directly to the grubby little hands of the Nobel Prize winners    WitKnee

Charity    Billy

pays the Nobel Peace Prize    Dyna Charcoal

They are beheaded..unless their not european.    Mike

They make up the prize    Taotejay




1. Did Walter Mitty lead his secret life to escape his wife’s hen-pecking, or did his wife hen-peck him to force him away from his secret life? 

Answer:  I’ve never been able to satisfactorily decide this, but I gotta admit, Bruddah Max has the best solution I’ve ever heard: his wife was one of his fantasies, perhaps his subconscious attempting to keep a grip on “real time.”

Best Answers:

Escape from his wife.  What a bitch.    Freezer Burn

Walter Mitty's wife said "get a life" he did.    Sisbooomba

I think that he wanted to get away from all the non-stop bitching and moaning.    WitKnee

To excape    Billy

Both    Dyna Charcoal

Neither, Walter Mitty was multiple personalityed and he Became his wife, Sex Change style. Next on Jerry Springer  Mike

Escape all the way!    Taotejay

2. What experience caused a religious epiphany in Fyodor Dostoevsky? 


Answer:  A literally last-second reprieve while on the wrong end of a firing squad.  In 1849, Dostoevsky was sentenced to death for alleged subversion against Czar Nicholas I.  Dressed in his death shroud and facing an open grave, he heard the squad reach “Aim!” in the countdown (as in “Ready, Aim, Fire!”) before an order was rushed in to commute his sentence to a labor gulag in Siberia.

Best Answers:  

He found out Tolstoy was getting paid by the word, and said "Good God!"    Freezer Burn

The experience which cause Dostoevskky to have a religious epiphany was looking at his first credit card statement...."My God!" and Jesus Christ" were soon heard regularly.    Sisbooomba

Well, he was out one night, you know, walking the dog, and he happened to stumble across this happy looking mushroom. Of course, he ate it. He figured only a happy God could create shit dat good.    WitKnee

Suicide    Billy

sex    Dyna Charcoal


Switching to the left hand    Taotejay


3. Write a haiku. 



Japanese poems: 
three lines of  five, seven, and five 
syllables per line.

Best Answers: 


Yellow pages say
No pad se ew in Tempe--
Frustration, despair. FireSkunk

I don't like haikus.
much too constraining for me.
free-form is better.    Freezer Burn


I have no clue for a haiku,
;also no talent no time no i.q. 
and definatly no desire    Sisbooomba

What am I to do?
I have to write a haiku
Damn those Japanese.    WitKnee

Oscar Wilde.    Dyna Charcoal

:;inserts lisp here:: I tho agree..i thaid that to my ex, and he was sooo feel you    Mike

I don't know.
I don't think I want to.
Well, all right.


extra credit:


Name a member of the Manson Family

(3 answers max, 1 point per, 2 if correct, -100 if “Marilyn” is mentioned.)

Answer:  core members, aside from Charlie of course: Susan “Sadie” Atkins, Bobby “Jasper” Beausolieil, Ken “Crebu” Brown, William “Duane” Cole, Bruce M. Davis, Lynette “Squeaky" Fromme, Steve “Clem” Grogan, Linda Kasabian, Patricia “Katy” Krenwinkel, Ruth Anne “Ouish” Morehouse, Grant “Clem” Mollan, Barbara “Bo” Rosenberg, Catherine “Gypsy” Share, Leslie Van Houten, Charles “Tex” Watson.  The exact membership may never be known; many people were friends or “associates" of members, and a number of people were arrested with Manson largely for being in the “wrong place at the wrong time.”  The best list of family members (potential and otherwise) can be found at  This list is interesting, if only for the various nicknames, especially in the case of Frank Joseph Longo.

Best Answers:

I'll go with the obvious ones from the Helter Skelter trial: Linda Kasabian, Susan Atkins, and Patricia Krenwinkle.    Freezer Burn

well, the obvious one, Charles... can't do any better than that, though...    WitKnee

Sueky Fromme    Billy

Squeaky Fromme    Dyna Charcoal

Charles. Chucky. Ringo.    Mike

Chuck    Taotejay



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