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The Revenge of “Pop Quiz”



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1. Name a Pope who died while having sex (3 answers max) 


2. Why did the Japanese vigorously and repeatedly bomb the baseball fields at Pearl Harbor?

3. What was listed as Thomas Dewey’s address in the 1949 edition of “Who’s Who?” 




1. How many licks to center of Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop? 


2. What is the 5th dimension (remember: this is math, not music) 


3. What mathematician noted that the distance between you and a mirror and the your reflection and the mirror is the same, except in negative numbers? 




1. What mammal has the most teeth? 


2. Which will fall faster: a lead bowling ball, or a lead tennis ball? 


3. Who invented dynamite?  


bonus: What are done with the royalties? 




1. Did Walter Mitty lead his secret life to escape his wife’s hen-pecking, or did his wife hen-peck him to force him away from his secret life? 


2. What experience caused a religious epiphany in Fyodor Dostoevsky? 


3.  Write a haiku    




extra credit


Name a member of the Manson Family

(3 answers max, 1 point per, 2 if correct, -100 if “Marilyn” is mentioned.)