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The Death of “Pop Quiz”



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1. Abraham Lincoln vs Jefferson Davis, best of 3 falls. Who’d do da smackdown?


2. What does “kamikaze” mean in Japanese?

bartending bonus: what at the ingredients of a kamikaze?

3.  Name someone famous who’s Welsh.




1. If a Right Angle is 90 degrees, what is a Wrong Angle?


2. How much is that doggie in the window (the one with the waggaly tail?)


3.  How many canary cages can you line with one paperback copy of The Fountainhead?




1. What is the ideal space modulator to use if the Earth is obstructing your view of Venus?


2. What mammal has the most nipples?


3. What’s that smell?!?



1. Name a book that has been banned within your lifetime.


2. How many canary cages can you line with one copy of... oh, I already used that. Okay, why does Ayn Rand SUCK so much? [50 words max]


3. write a chiasmus




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what is the capital of Assyria?