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The Ghost of “Pop Quiz”



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1. What famous philosopher once took mescaline and subsequently spent the rest of his life convinced he was being chased by a 6-foot tall iridescent lobster?


2. What French organization was behind the 1793-’94 Reign of Terror that imprisoned 200,000 and guillotined 40,000 civilians? 

3. What did Governor Connolly say to JFK right before the first shot?

bonus:  What was JFK’s response?




1. You are running in a marathon and overtake the person in second place. What position are you in?


2. In that same race, if you instead overtake the last runner, where does that place you?


3.  Which uses more geometry: billiards or miniature golf?





1. Prove/disprove fire is alive


2. In 1935, a group of British military scientists (including Ian Fleming) attempted to build a death ray. It didn’t work. What became of their invention? 


3. Why oh why won’t my bee stop buzzing?





1. As a metaphor, does the whale in Melville’s Moby Dick represent good or evil?


2. Name one of shade’s novels.


3. Give an example of an anagram.




extra credit

     Name something barbeque sauce is good on/with.