Matthew, you're a dumbass. If you don't like the pizza they sent you from Gumby's just take matters into your own hands and do what we do: get roaring drunk, go in there and make the pizza yourself (just tell them you know Shaggy and then get them high They usually have no problems with your obnoxious behavior after that). If you're really lucky and just happen to be drunk enough they might even let you deliver one (Ben and I took an hour to deliver to some poor bastard the coldest, nastiest pizza this side of Scottsdale. The "customer" was a little confused as to why his pizza was being delivered by two guys who were all dressed up for the bar and even more confused as to why we had chosen to park the car in his front yard. He asked me if I was drunk, I said, "of course I'm drunk, it is Tuesday you know").
     Well I hope this solves your Gumby's problem. Just make sure you remember the weed, they get a little testy if you forget. In a pinch you can buy from the manager, but only as a last resort as she gouges.
     Peace, love and Brian Setzer pompadour hair grease,




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