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The Son of “Pop Quiz”



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1)  What famous gangster (according to his official autopsy report) had a penis 17 inches long--flaccid (!) ?    


(bonus: where is said organ now?)    

2)  What did Adolph Hitler eat an average of two pounds a day of?  

3)  Who did Emperor Caligula personally appoint to the Roman Senate, and give a splendid purple robe to just for the occasion?    




1)  A boat is floating on a very small lake.  The water reaches 5 feet up the side of the boat’s 8 foot hull.  That night it rains enough to raise the lake 1 foot.  At dawn, how far up the side of the hull is the water line?    


2)  How many 3 cent stamps are there in a dozen?   


 3)  I have 5 piles of rocks, you have 3 piles of rocks.  If we put them together, how many piles would we have?    




1)  You have 2 pools of water.  One’s temperature is 20 degrees, the other is 40 degrees.  If you drop a bowling ball into each, which pool will the ball sink faster in?    


2)  In 1943, Dr. Albert Hoffmann attempted to create a cure for headaches, but ended up a bit off the mark.  What did he accidentally invent instead?    


 3)  What was the first man-made device to break the sound barrier?    



1)  Pick the non-intoxicated one(s):     


2)  What is unusual about this sentence:  “Jack’s wife loved my big quartz sphinx” ?  


  3)  Write a palindrome.    




(obligatory Alice in Wonderland extra credit question)


       Who was at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party?  (1 point per)