Last night, my girlfriend and I ordered an extra large pizza and an order of Cinnamon Rolls from Gumby's Pizza on Archer road (in Gainesville, FL). When the order arrived about 40 minutes later, we discovered that they had sent something other than cinnamon rolls, and asked the driver to take it back, because that was not what we had ordered. A few moments later, the driver returned saying that he didn't think they had Cinnamon rolls on the menu. I replied that cinnamon rolls were on the flyer I had, to which he rudely replied "Whatever".

The pizza was not very warm, and had little to no cheese on it. We were hungry, so we ate it anyway.

A half hour later, the cinnamon rolls had still not arrived, so I called Gumby's back. They appologized for the delay and confusion, saying that the driver had not yet retuned to the store. She then told me that she would put in another order, and have them out to us as soon as they were ready.

The second delivery man arrived half an hour later. When we opened the box, we discoverd that the rolls were not covered in cinamony-sweet goodness, but rather sour cream. Additionally, they had included two containers of sour cream.

When I called the store back, yet again, the lady I had spoken with after the first incident appologized. She then offered a $5 credit, to whcih I countered that the rolls were $7. My girlfriend and I then decided that this was too much hassle and would not be patronizing them anymore. When I informed the lady of our decission, she started to offer excuses for their poor service. When I told her again that we would not be calling Gumby's Pizza again, she abruptly hung up with me.

After consulting with my father and determing that it was not only costly and a bad idea to stop payment on the check, he informed me it was also illegal, and could have ramifications for my credit. He advised me to take the credit.

So, I called back and asked to speak to the manager. I related to him our side of the story, and when I told him about the sour cream, he said, "Sweet!". He then decided to mince words with me, saying that they had no Cinnamon ROLLS, only Cinnamon BUNS and PEPERONI ROLLS, and that the person who first took our order claimed she heard PEPERONI ROLLS. Not once did he offer an appology.

It takes forthought and effort to accidentally put sour cream instead of icing on the cinnamon rolls. This was a deliberate action on the part of the store. For the store manager to not only NOT appologize, and then to to say "Sweet!" to such a deliberate action of mallice is reprehensible.

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Will Green


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