Dear Friend;
Are you tired of people who profess to be "musicians" but have a limited, inflexible repertoire?  The ones who want you to "jam" with them but insist that it be something they know, and who are both unable and unwilling to 'meet you half way'?  Those who know only, say, three chords, but play them in an unpredictable pattern that only they understand?  And when you ask them, "what key are you in?" you are lucky if you even get a vacant, uncomprehending stare?
You know the type: the ones who don't know the difference between the phrygian mode and refrigeration mold. And if you play in a time signature other than 4/4 they tell you you are either missing a note or have at least one too many.
Something must be done!
Fortunately, we at the Society for the Prevention of 3-Chord Nazis are here to help!
S.P.3.C.N. is a movement dedicated to the destruction of such rigid, domineering dogmas done to death by dill-holes who don't know didley!  We openly embrace the fact --long denied as heretical by the 3- Chord Nazis of the world-- that there are (gasp!) actually chords available other that G, C, and D.  It's true! 
Certain overbearing overlords who champion the 3-chord repertoire seem to think that use of these heretical notes constitutes "Devil Music," especially if played in a minor key.  Obviously, such monkeys wouldn't know "Devil Music" if Satan himself suddenly appeared and slapped them up-side the head with a Fender Stratocaster. 
S.P.3.C.N. is committed to the cause of playing music the way we WANT TO play it, not with the faux-friendly tones that the 3-chord nazis of the world insist it be played as in an effort to throw their own yoke over St. Cecilia's sphere.
If you are interested in joining our crusade to bring alternative, less-limiting perspectives to the realm of improvised music, please click .

If you're scared of advancing beyond a 3-chord repertoire, click here.