Faculty Rules


Rule #1 :  No pooftahs!

Rule #2 : No member of the faculty is to maltreat the Abo’s in any way whatsoever  (if there’s anybody watching)

Rule #3 : No pooftahs!

Rule #4 : From now on, I don’t want to catch anybody not drinking after lights out

Rule #5 : No pooftahs!

Rule #6 : There is NO Rule 6!

Rule #7 : No pooftahs!


addendum (4/19/98)

Rule #8 : No one may enter the Cyber-Compound if their name has the prefix “MC” or “DJ”, or the suffix “D”; likewise, no one may bring a group of friends collectively referred to as a “crew” or a “posse”

Rule #9 : No sex on shade’s bed (unless he is present and participating)

Rule #10 : Ranch Dressing is STRICTLY PROHIBITED



[it is, of course, important to reconcile the above with Branch Floridian Hedgehogma, especially the latter’s Rule Number 5: there is an exception to every rule.]



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