***Disclaimer***  The Reverend FairInHeight 451 who is a member of the Branch Floridians is *not* the FairInHeight451 alternic of MSN troll Michelson-Morley. This has caused much confusion at one point, but hopefully has been sorted out.



“Our” Rev. 451’s own page (www.feb31.com) is down with no plans by the Reverend to redo any time soon, so at his request shade made this place-holder.



Reverend Fairinheight 

of the 451st order of the Apocalypse


Branch Floridians, N.C. 

One of the Branch Floridians’ most outspoken enthusiasts, Rev. 451 is the man behind the man

Both he and his feminine side, K-Ynot, have been active in the Crusade for Extra Cheese.

For such zeal, he was the target of a Brain Police raid that lost him his lighter.