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Jesus said, “I have cast fire upon the world,
and am guarding it until it is ablaze.”

—Gospel of Thomas 10:1

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The Branch Floridians are an intellectual collective who champion lateral thinking and bad taste.  We are modern messengers of that most dangerous of ancient heresies, “think for yourself!” and are the resistance movement in the war for your brain.  Branch Floridians are equally dedicated to finding out what’s really going on, because you need correct information to correctly think for yourself. 

If you don’t like to think for yourself, it is strongly suggested you go elsewhere.


Brain Disclaimer :

To appreciate this site and its underlying premise requires a sarcastic and sardonic sense of humor. By proceeding, you agree that you are not easily offended by unconventional concepts (factual or fictitious.)  You also won’t hold this site responsible for any mental trauma or resultant consequences of thinking for yourself.  Some people are sheep and are not comfortable with independent thinking or actually knowing what’s really going on.  If so, this site is not for you.  We just unlock your brain, folks; if you misuse it after that, well, that’s your own lode.




I have an open mind and tolerance


New ideas scare me and I fear change


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The Cyber-Compound is intended as an open resource for all members, gentiles, and kindred spirits who wish to think for themselves.  To this end it has a reference library, including the World Domination Update archive.

Click for the current issue (last Update: 2.28.2006)

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This site is optimally enabled for (and best viewed through) pineal chip implants.  If you interface through non-bioborg means—such as a Brain Police web browser—you should first make a burnt offering to the wysiwyg demon before venturing on.  The html has been booby-trapped to weed out trolls, spam-spiders, and clueless noobies.  Also, at times different text may appear, depending if your browser blocks or supports fnords.  You have been warned.

If you are using a browser, we have notices the following patterns when viewing these pages:

    works as well as any other Microsoft product

    oh, so you’re the one still using it...

    the results got lost on the way back
    you get what you pay for  (especially if you pay in flax)

    browser test results classified by an FBI agent named Mulder

    “...has good moments but bad quarter-hours.” — Gioacchino Rossini

Sorry for the inconvenience, but then again it’s your fault for not being linked to The Chain.

Of course, if you do have a pineal chip implant, you may proceed directly to the Inner Circle by thought-clicking .


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