Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 05:44:22 -0600
Subject: Rich in Iron

Well  . . . hmmm . . .

This is going to sound odd, but I stumbled on to your page because I am a 
Gumby's Pizza delivery driver and have been for about a year and a half.  
Your first story, about the girl who's wrong address was 2204 Rio Grande 
happened in the town I current live in, and to the store that I now work in. 
  In fact, I even know the "freak driver" (it isn't me).  And its funny 
because he has even told me the story about how one girl shouted at him, 
"are you all fucking incompetent over there?!!"  See there are two things 
that girl doesn't mention in her story.  (1) Since she doesn't list her real 
address I am sure I would sympathize with her situation, but what probably 
pissed the store off that night is the incorrect address, 2204 Rio Grande 
was probably assumed correct.  Frustrated with not finding the person who 
ordered the pizza, they would have wondered why someone living at 2204 Rio 
Grande wouldn't just walk a half of a block to retrieve their pizza in such 
a dilemma, the store is only at 2222 Rio Grande.  However, since this was 
not her real address, I sympathize with her problem, and wonder where in the 
world her real address went.

Anyway, your second story, that guy is a moron.  (More irony)  I have only 
worked in Rio Grande store for about 4 months . . . for the year before I 
worked in the store in East Lansing.  Okay, simple business lesson on this 
one.  While yes, technically Tuesday would start at 12 a.m. in the real 
world, in the BUSINESS world, in order to keep the books straight, places 
like bars and late night pizza joints have to work by the "Business Day" 
which actually lasts 30 hours and ends at 6 a.m. each night (yes it is a 
night to us drivers, not a morning).  When you go to a bar, do you expect to 
start getting new drink specials at the stroke of midnight . . . no, and 
that is why Tuesday's coupon doesn't work on Monday nights.  To compound 
this error, Gumby's works on a computer system, which will not even allow 
for Tuesday's coupon to work on Monday's "business day" schedule.

As for the girl [sic] in Gainesville.  I totally would understand.  See, Gumby's 
is a relatively large chain of pizza joints around the country that exist 
only in college towns.  There are about 5 main owners of the corporation.  
And since the corporation was started in Gainesville, all 5 of those guys 
work in that store.  Now, when those guys travel around in pairs to the 
other stores, most people find them to be the most ridiculous set of folks 
around.  They walk around and re-correct every activity of the people 
working in the store, even to the point of not allowing you to open the 
pizza box before the intended pizza is completely out of the oven.  Banality 
at it's best.   Also, since they have profited so wonderfully from the 
investment in Gumby's (re: shiesty cheese amounts) they are also the 
wonderful blend of cocky.  So, picture it, cocky, rich to show for it, and 
critiquing mostly aptly-abled drivers just to have something to do for a 
day.  My point being, is that when all of them congregate in one store, it 
really must be hell on earth.

Other than that, your site hit it right on the nose.  Hey I make good money 
though . . .

please do not post my email address (or my name if you should come across 

"I drive most superior when my eyes are half shut and my head is supported 
by the passenger window."

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