“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

–sign in main temple room
Jonestown, Guyana


Historical links of interest

Waco   (of invaluable use, especially if you don’t get the pun of the name “Branch Floridians.”)

JFK   (the grand-daddy of American conspiracy theory)

Jonestown   (mind control, mass murder, and murky links to major mojo )

Tape Q875 Controversy — (why is there a tape recording of Jonestown made the day after the deaths?)

Pearl Harbor      (more than just a bad movie)


Pearl Harborgate  — (the Branch Floridian stance)

Infamy  — (exhaustive proof that FDR knew what was up)


Your Tax Dollars at Work   (general government shenanigans)

The Gospel of Thomas (banned from the Bible because the reader has to Think for Himself)

The Great Fire of Rome


I came, I saw, I combusted — (what “really” happened)



Josephus’ Histories of the Jews


The Jewish War




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